1. Rachel McGuirk

    The End: DS106-4-Life


    For the last week I have been tying up the loose ends in order to officially end the DS106 chapter and move on to DS107. Maybe? Thoughts?

    But here is the list of things I have accomplished in the last week:

    1. Finished publishing TDC Weeks 11-14. I had several …

  2. Rachel McGuirk



    Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I was part of the in[SPIRE] creative process. After a month of hard work and the tireless energy from Martha, Linda, and the rest of the ds106 clan the grand masterpiece is finally finished.

    Initially, when developing my final project for ds106, I wanted …

  3. Rachel McGuirk

    My Hero, Indiana Groom?


    I went there. I may or may not have hit the re-generate button 80 times in order to get this perfect storm combination of mashing-up Jim Groom art. I’m sorry but it did technically appear so let’s call it naturally occurring or fate or never letting a good thing pass …

  4. Rachel McGuirk

    Coffee Is, My


    Inspiration is a fickle woman. If she calls you at 7am for with an awesome idea for an assignment, then you just have to follow it. Plus, your alarm is set for that time and you should get up anyway.

    The goal of this assignment was to create a …

  5. Rachel McGuirk

    A Walk to REALLY Remember


    And that’s a wrap folk. Thirty stars are finally finished. For my last video assignment I decide to tackle ‘Redub the Audio‘ but give it a twist.

    Sure, I could have recorded my own voice over the video but that’s too easy and I’m not funny. Who is …

  6. Rachel McGuirk

    Kinetic Dangerfield


    I hate this assignment. Worse, I hate the finished project but considering I spent nearly 8 hours on this assignment I needed to show something for it.

    I should have know when I saw that no one had completed this project that something was up, like its a pain in …

  7. Rachel McGuirk

    Boys Like Beatles and…














    I can’t lie. My music library has not changed since high school. I happily listen to the album, Dark was the Night on repeat for hours.  Yet, when I saw this assignment, I knew I wanted to …

  8. Rachel McGuirk

    Boys Like Beatles and…














    I can’t lie. My music library has not changed since high school. I happily listen to the album, Dark was the Night on repeat for hours.  Yet, when I saw this assignment, I knew I wanted to …

  9. Rachel McGuirk

    Our Top 5 Sidekicks


    The goal of this assignment was to identify a type of archetype in TV shows/movie and represent it in a quick video. I believe that sidekicks are poorly represented. They are neglected, forgotten, and taken advantage of, yet, without them the story would not be as rich. What’s Batman without …

  10. Rachel McGuirk

    Play-by-Play: The Hangover


    Bam! I finally stopped tweaking and posted this play-by-play humor analysis of the Wolfpack Speech scene in The Hangover. This go around I stated playing with transitions and incorporating music.

    The Process:

    First, I downloaded the video from da Youtube and opened it in iMovie. Next, I added my analysis …

  11. Rachel McGuirk

    Taxi Driver: Film Essay


    Taxi Driver is a Scorsese masterpiece with one of film’s most powerful protagonists, Travis. It’s Travis’s many contradictions that makes him one of the great characters in film history. In my film essay, we will be watching the final shootout scene in the brothel. During this scene we will be …

  12. Rachel McGuirk



    My fascination with electronic literature started when I accidently stumbled upon Dr. Whalen’s blog for his E-Lit class. I discovered a whole new world of narratives in the form of hypertext stories. So, for my final project for DS106 I want to create my own e-lit masterpiece.

    A key part …

  13. Rachel McGuirk

    PREproduction: Play-by-Play


    Fact: Jokes are only funny when you explain the punch line in explicit detail. The more detail, the better.

    Fact: I watch a lot of documentaries.

    Goal: For the Play-by-Play assignment, I will analyze a pivotal scene in the movie The Hangover and explain why it’s funny.

    Specifically, I will …

  14. Rachel McGuirk

    Kill Bill in 1932


    Film editing is difficult. Anyone to tell you otherwise is just showing off. I have worked on this project for far too long and I am beginning to hate it. The goal of this assignment was to transform a modern film into a silent film.



    First, I decided …

  15. Rachel McGuirk

    Life Lessons


    Life Lessons is a powerful film.

    First, it’s a Martin Scorsese film, and who doesn’t love Marty?

    Second, it’s an eighties film (1989), the best era for film.

    It is also a provocative film about a middle-age painter and his young, discontented girlfriend, Paulette. From the very first scene we …

  16. Rachel McGuirk

    The Making of AMCX


    After working on the DS106 radio show assignment, I have a new appreciation for the work that NPR interns do everyday. It’s tedious piecing together a radio show.

    First, you have to write the script. But make sure it follows a logical and intuitive order. If not, you risk recording …

  17. Rachel McGuirk

    Rap Battle


    (Skip to minute 4:00 for the best example that smart kids are cool too.)

    For those of you lucky enough to be in DuPont this evening you will have the chance to hear me rap too.

    A key part of the A-MC-X radio show or any radio show are their …

  18. Rachel McGuirk

    Raging Bull Radio


    This week I wanted to challenge myself with this awesome assignment for DS106 radio which turns a movie into a good radio show. In essence, my goal was to transform a movie’s soundtrack (music, dialogue, sound effects) into a condensed abstract version of the film. Ever since I read the …

  19. Rachel McGuirk

    A Week in Review: TDC


    Monday: Unusual Food






    Tuesday: Toys                                                        Wednesday: Our Youth








    Thursday: Birds                                                                  Friday: Re-Art








    Saturday: Prized Possession                                   Sunday: Former Jobs








    And that’s a wrap for more …

  20. Rachel McGuirk

    Dead Man’s Chest Movie Poster


    I’ll be honest: I don’t know much about graphic art. I’ve seen it. I’ve spent a lot time wandering the rooms of the MoMa looking pensive, and ds106 is currently producing a lot of hot art. But nothing has made me appreciate graphic art more than designing a minimalist movie …

  21. Rachel McGuirk

    Iconic MC


    To quote another DS106 pioneer, I spent entirely too much time on this assignment. In fact, I created several different potential icons for myself, but I was never fully satisfied with any outcome. I can’t even say that I am fully pleased with this outcome, but at some point …

  22. Rachel McGuirk

    Don’t Try Too Hard



    I have never heard of the demotivational poster meme before I saw this assignment. This assignment was easy once you found the right site like this one. My goal was to take a traditionally valued quality and turn it on its head.  

    Despair, Inc. is a nifty …

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