1. rockylou22

    DS106 Rocks!


    DS106 ROCKS! 3M-DS106 Salon Patroness admiring the work of her co-collaborators for their OER14 paper.

    If you’ve been following my communications out to the world over the last few days you know that the OER14 paper, “A DS106 Thing Happened on the Way to the 3M Tech Forum” that Alan

  2. rockylou22

    Ewww Brain… Now in 3D!


    My DS106 maxim of Reduce, Riff & Recycle has once again resulted in a fun, creative morning project.  Ewww Brain… Now in 3D!

    Last August,  DS106′s Talky Tina created daily GIF challenges to keep our creative juices flowing while we were waiting for the DS106 Headless ’13 course to begin.…

  3. rockylou22

    My dad died…


    Thurs. Jan 30, 2014
    ring… ring…. that’s strange… my sister rarely calls…. Is Mom in the hospital again?….

    “Hi Lee.  What’s up?”

    “We just found out that Dad died on January 11th.”

    “What? That long ago? How come nobody told us?”

    “I called around to the funeral homes to see …

  4. rockylou22

    Rockylou – A 4H Winner


    In 1972 a little 4th grader, named Rochelle, and her mutt dog Charlie won the Top Junior Exhibitor dog obedience title at the Humboldt County dog show.  This was an exciting day.  I had been diligently training Charlie all year long in our local 4H dog obedience chapter under the …

  5. rockylou22

    Nana’s Nightstand


    This project all started because I was playing around with a new app, PIP Camera.  You know how one thing leads to another in DS106.

    => It’s time for DS106 video weeks.  YAY! My favorite digital storytelling medium.
    => I wanted to see what the Picture in Picture …

  6. rockylou22

    Meet Digital Diva Abby


    Abby & Her Charlie Brown Halloween Toy

    Yesterday’s ds106 daily create tdc644 was all about capturing an image of a dog.  Although the suggestion was to either take a picture or to draw one and take a picture of that, I figured since I have the digital media already hanging …

  7. rockylou22

    DS106 is #4Life AND #4Work


    You haven’t seen much of me the last couple of weeks, but it’s all good.   I’ve been busy applying DS106 to my income producing job at 3M.  Because of what I’ve learned over the last few months, some directly from the CogDog himself, Alan Levine  behind the scenes, some from …

  8. rockylou22

    Spinning Yarns for DS106 Radio


     ”There’s so much that happens in life.  Little stories, big stories. Things that were no story and all the sudden you realize the significance of it.  And that there really is a story there. But at the time you don’t know it.  And for a long time you don’t know …

  9. rockylou22

    Know-It-ALL Thru Storytelling


    “It’s the undisclosed knowledge- the anecdotal knowledge.  It’s the stories that are missing. There’s an efficiency in story telling that you can not get from just the written text and then recorded videos.” – John Woodworth, 3M IT Manager

    I am currently in the midst of coordinating  the 3M-DS106 Salon 

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