1. Ryan Rish

    Rites of Passage


    In class, we discussed how considering different rites of passage may be a good way to introduce middle school students to The Giver. We considered what it means to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar. Below are the videos we used in class to consider different rites of …

  2. Ryan Rish

    Animated Generations GIF


    I thought I would jump in and create something to share/model my/a process.

    Inspiration. I was talking to my mother today on the phone. She said she was going through some old photos to reconstruct family history with someone who shared part of our family history. She said that I…
  3. Ryan Rish



    For our first reading in ENGL 3241, we read the first chapter of Howard Rheingold‘s (2012) Net Smart on attention. I asked the class to read the chapter and monitor their own attention during the reading. In class, we shared our experiences with managing our attention when reading a …

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