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    Are Internet Memes ART?


    Are Internet Memes ART?

    Screen the video above first and read the article below. Do an internet search for “Are memes ART?” See what you discover. No matter how you cut it, memes are here to stay…is this good or bad for Art? I want to know what you think. …

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    CT101 Final Presentations & Final Blog Post Information


    CT101 Final Class Presentations & Final Blog Post Information.

    Please read all of the information below carefully. E-mail me with any questions at Ryan (at) ryanseslow.com or rseslow (at)york.cuny.edu

    **Final Website Presentations : Each student will be presenting their completed website to the class on the date listed below. Students…
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    Discovering Your Classmates Websites


    During week #10 I asked each student to share their new website’s url in the comment section on this post

    37 out of 40 registered CT101 students participated. (You still can if you need to!) Now its time to explore and share our experiences visiting some of those websites.

    Part …

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    Panoramic Image Making Multiplicity


    (click the images above to enlarge or download them from the media library)

    This past Tuesday in our Digital Storytelling class we played with the idea of non traditional image-making and multiplying ourselves into a single image frame. (No photoshop required). By using the panoramic feature of our smart phones …

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    Sharing your Website’s URL!


    Here we are 3 plus weeks into being the proud owners of a shiny new Website! We are customizing our pages, building menu navigation, tweaking colors and fonts, and blogging away into oblivion!

    Its time to share your website’s URL here! Simply leave a comment with your website address and …

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    A “How To” Net Art & GIF Making Tutorial.


    A “How To” Net Art & GIF Making Tutorial. GIVE IT TRY! This is a fun exercise to add to your NEW WEBSITES! Lets use a NYPL Digital Collections Archive Image. Its no secret, you can find tons and tons of great historical images in the NYPL Digital Collections Archives. …

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    Asking Twitter Questions..


    CT101 Students, Having trouble solving issues with your wordpress themes? Its a common part of our process here in CT101, but there is hope! TWITTER! Thats right, twitter is an excellent resource for troubleshooting, making new tech friends and solving … Continue reading →

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    GIF the Portrait!


    Dear Students, We love the individual blog posts that are being generated about the GIF the Portrait project! Please do not forget to E-MAIL to me your final GIFS from the exercise! Aside from the GIFs living on your blogs, … Continue reading →

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    Synthesizing Ideas for Points!


    Synthesizing Ideas for Points by Re-Defining Photography!   I have been getting a few interesting inquiries about generating content for our class projects. It has been mainly about what qualifies as a “legit” contribution to the course projects criteria listed … Continue reading →

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