1. sabofsg

    Stop killing your metabolic rate!


    This was written by personal trainer Joey C Donnelly and I would share since it contained useful advice that dispels certain misconceptions people may have with regard to dieting and exercising for a better body:

    Photo of Joey Donnelly and girlfriend Chady Dunmore

    Do you ever wonder why the majority …

  2. sabofsg

    Supper and this week’s updates


    It’s been such boring week. Couldn’t hit the gym all week because I had a flu and a cough and was feeling all chilly and feverish. Instead, I stayed home and researched on nutrition. Yes, can you believe it? I’m still at it after several weeks. I can’t seem to …

  3. sabofsg

    Random Musing: Pumped-up Kids


    I felt really uncomfortable when I first had a glimpse of these photos.. Soft winsome faces atop chiseled frames were OTT odd for me (More photos here). These photos made me recall how much I abhorred muscularity and vascularity as a kid. Perhaps I thought bodybuilders looked scary and …

  4. sabofsg

    Popeye: Cartoon Inspiration for Muscles


    Protein is typically the nutrient associated with muscle-building and recovery amongst weight-lifters. There are tons of protein options available (chicken, beef, tofu…), but I began to wonder if there were any non-proteins which can be beneficial in my weight-lifting journey… The immediate imagery was of Popeye popping a can of …

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