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    I have played Diablo 3 for a whole year


    Then I helped call issued ticket requires re-opened, playing hundreds of phone calls, but unfortunately the nc Blizzard did not help us re-opened, justice lie! And then decide together with the sister afk no longer play the game of Blizzard sister know I Diablo series play a lot of years, …

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    Say your opinion on Diablo 3


    Before further discussion, I must ask a question: why the land of refuge, there will be a meteor fall, a high consumption and high latency skills, the damage done is almost just monks an instant one-third of the skills,, I said, is coupled with Rune almost unlimited cast AOE Admiralty …

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    salediablo 2013-02-24 21:12:00


    Took two bottles of Life syrup out of the door, Demon Hunter full of depressed back door and saw this color B and several guards wearing Jinhua.
           The Lan Fode captain was about the old 1000, looked up, they found just by his obscenity demon hunter, so he sets with …

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    My Skill Combination


    Example: meteorites, can try to make it 1-2 hit kill. Then you if DH’s friends list, you can work together with to play with.

    Be sure to let DH choose death mark, because 12% of this play is to swath through Marked for Death of Death Rune, will never cut …

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    My Doubts of Diablo 3


    1. Monitor resolution:
        Now my computer’s resolution is not the best kind. Tune out the resolution a bit about stretching around both sides of the little one, the left can only see half of the entourage “60″ 6, and the things that are round the oval, the characters are fat, …

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    salediablo 2013-02-07 01:36:22


    This expedition than the last time to be mighty more father commanding a corps of about two thousand people, compared to these people on the outside of the demon army is still small, but it is the only hope of the Holy Empire. Demon skull, Ares town nightmare Legion sewing …

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    Salediablo3.com is your best choice


    Playing Red Gate: 9 seconds because teammates are counting on you to ice stable comfortable, if open less stable biting to, afraid teammates say or ice. If it is the fight itself, then biting it.

    FARM, then biting and 15% are certainly no problem, simply FARM2.1 +50 enough, so definitely …

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    Master VS Witch Doctor


    Witch doctor imba as I do not need to do more shows, Played the PTR all know, you win a war, and the witch doctor only high-end monk. Or my Korean friends, every time DH / FS must open my child witch doctor child back again.

    I hit him 50E …

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    Diablo 3 Gold Discount Coupon


    These are the most common players equipped with the status quo, stop changing, stop for skills, but after all, the difficulty of the game is limited, from published data, MP8 and MP9 basic limit the MP10 blood toomore, so when we arrived at a certain degree of difficulty when fitted …

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    Join the Youtube Contest at salediablo3


    Defensive attributes and attacks on property and BUILD 3 is a mutually balanced relations, mutual help and mutual compromise.

    Set up the premise, that is, the the Parkour operation has more skilled core Parkour is actually crit back anger, burst rate in any case have to tube enough. Mysterious tone: …

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