1. salukizim

    GW Zimmerman Week 5 Summary


    A long time ago in the magic Kingdom of Bahrain a super saluki was born. He was the son of champions. He was a true son of the sands. His ancestors were famous hunters sought after for their stamina and hunting prowess.

    Saiph was special. He, of all of his …

  2. salukizim

    Saiph – Welcome to America


    Saiph the Super Saluki’s Personal Story.


    This 3 Star assignment was lots of fun.

    The primary program I used was MovieMaker on my Sony Laptop. Using my photo and video gallery on OneDrive, where I had uploaded all of my photos and video from my iPhone, I spent a …

  3. salukizim

    SALUKIZIM Productions


    SALUKIZIM Productions needed a snazzy logo.






    For this 3 Star assignment I downloaded a saluki sketch from online, placed it into a PowerPoint, added Text and saved it as a JPG.…

  4. salukizim

    Saiph Missing at Dulles Airport


    Wouldn’t you know it, Lufthansa misplaced Saiph’s crate and he was missing for 1/2 an hour.






    For this 3 1/2 star assignment I spun my wheels for 1/2 an hour trying to find a free missing person template on line. After seeing what was available …

  5. salukizim

    Saiph’s 24 Hour Day


    Saiph’s 24 hour trip to America.


    I started this 3 1/2 Star assignment first at http://freesounds.org and searched for sounds that would tell my story without vocals. I downloaded the files and then imported them into Audacity. After a bit of editing I was able to create a sound …

  6. salukizim

    Hello Bahrain


    A little coordination goes a long way especially when confirming overseas flights.


    For this 4 1/2 assignment I wrote a short script with me talking to the gentleman in Bahrain who was taking care of Saiph and was shipping him to the United States for me. I recorded the …

  7. salukizim

    Super Saluki Billboard


    Saiph was welcomed to the United States with a giant billboard:






    For this 4 star assignment I went online to the internet and found an image of a billboard and downloaded it and saved it to a PowerPoint slide. I opened another slide and created …

  8. salukizim

    G W Zimmerman Week 4 Weekly Summary


    Week 4

    Fueled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, vast quantities of black coffee, and one or two adult libations (dirty martinis) I powered through this week. I refused to get frustrated by software and programs that were not senior citizen friendly. Years ago when I was an electronics technician …

  9. salukizim

    Where My Shoes Took Me


    This four-star assignment was great fun. It provided me with significant challenges and opportunities to excel.

    I took the video while out on my 0600 morning walk with my pup Nelly. I used my iPhone to record two separate video clips. It took me no time at all to airdrop …

  10. salukizim

    Mr. Z Important Things in My Life


    This 4 1/2 star assignment captures one of the fundamental aspects of my personality. I am a saluki hound aficionado. I have had saluki hounds for over 55 years of my life. I received my first saluki as a child, growing up in Saudi Arabia, from one of our Saudi …

  11. salukizim

    Reading Movies


    How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert

    I think that Ebert’s basic visual strategy is very interesting. I do not watch a lot of movies or television so I am not grounded on the intricacies of videography the way he is. However, as someone who has studied photography and …

  12. salukizim

    G W Zimmerman Week 3 Audio Story Telling


    This was the week that was!!!!

    In the midst of everything else the wifi on my computer crashed. I’m now hooked up to an ether net connection that is less than optimal. Talk about old school…at least it isn’t a dial-up connection…that would be rich.

    What I learned from Ira …

  13. salukizim

    Welcome to McDonald’s – May I take your Order


    This 1 1/2 star assignment was fun as well as eye opening. My two resources were the online McDonald’s menu and Audacity. After going to the McDonald’s website and picking out three items I would never order, I decided to change the order around. My experience has always been that  …

  14. salukizim

    Do You Hear What I Hear – A Day in My Life


    To make this sound bite I use my iPhone’s voice memo application. I played the various recordings into the microphone I have attached my computer and then manipulated each of the recordings using my new best friend, Audacity.

    This recording starts with my daily 6 AM dog walk.  Nelly, my …

  15. salukizim

    Sound Effects Story: Trip to the Grocery


    This 3 1/2 star sign assignment provided me with the opportunity to take an imaginary round trip excursion to the grocery store in my Land Rover. In preparation for my excursion I spent a few hours getting familiar with Audacity. One of the hints given in the DS106 handbook was …

  16. salukizim

    Thoughts on Audio Storytelling


    I just completed listening to “Moon Graffiti”. Wow, what a powerful story. Shutting my eyes and allowing my sense of hearing to take over, I was transported back to that event in July 1969. For me this event was real. My parents and I were on our way to the …

  17. salukizim

    Ted and ScottLo


    Wow! This was well worth the time to listen to. I really appreciated ScottLo in Saudi Arabia. Having spent a significant portion of my life there and having listened to more than one call to prayer it was nice to hear the call of the Mizzen from the local mosque.…

  18. salukizim

    About Audio Story Telling


    Ira Glass opined that the building blocks of storytelling are:

    1) Anecdote – a sequence of actions in which one action leads onto another. He noted that in good anecdotes the storyteller uses bait to constantly raise questions that the storyteller answers, which raises more questions that lead to answers, …

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