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    Final Words


    I already shared a few of the Daily Creates I completed, so look at this post if you’re interested! The other three (to finish up seven total) are down below. Overall, I found the Daily Creates easier than usual, and that made them all the more fun to complete! I …

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    E.N.D. Update


    In an attempt to make next week’s weekly post shorter, I am going to share everything I have done so far! I have done four of the seven required Daily Creates, and you can see them all below!

    #tdc2290 Sums my mood up perfectly considering it's my younger sister's birthday …

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    California 12


    This week was one of my favorite yet! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t do anything substantial with the novels we read, and I have been desperate to share for weeks.

    I began by creating an alternate ending to California. You can read what I wrote in my blog …

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    Government Made Virus


    The E.N.D. virus is not what we thought it was. Originally, I suspected that some virus came to America from a foreign country. After all, how many international flights are there each day? However, after inspecting some evidence and a few radio shows that were aired, I believe that the …

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    The Beginning


    I completed the conversation five star assignment! I chose a conversation between Frida and Anika in California. Frida and her husband joined a Community run by her brother, and this is a fairly long conversation between the two friends about how the Community became afraid of the color red. This …

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    Cal.ifornia Finsta


    I created a finsta (fake Instagram) for Cal, a character in California.

    I decided on the username “cal.ifornia2” to incorporate both Cal’s name, who the page belongs to, and the name of the novel. Micah, Frida’s brother and Cal’s friend, calls Cal “California,” so I think the username process went …

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    The “Real” Ending of “California”


    I decided to complete the alternative ending assignment for my novel, California, because I finished the book with a need for more. I am going to tell the original ending since most of the class did not choose this book, so there will obviously be spoilers!

    The Original:

    They didn’t …

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    V11eo Week


    This week’s assignments seemed to take me longer to complete, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because I had so many things to do for my other classes. As usual, I began this week with some Daily Creates!

    And the "stars" were actually alien spaceships crashing onto Earth pic.twitter.com/wqt68c2pI7

    — …

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    Locke(ness) Interview


    I found this assignment surprisingly easy to put together! I first decided on the five questions I would answer and wrote down the times in the original video to make editing easier later. One of my two difficulties was finding a place to record. It’s a dark day outside, so …

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    The Marshmallow Men


    I told a story using flashcards! I have seen flashcard stories, but they have always been extremely sad and personal stories. This assignment allowed for any kind of story, so I made one up. I wrote whatever came to me first, and I must have been hungry because it ended …

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    Easter Egg Letter


    I decided to complete the moving object assignment! The directions specified using Vine, which I have never used before. When I searched for it in the app store, there was only Vine Camera. Apparently Vine is gone! I used the Vine Camera app to create this short video, and it …

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    Baby, baby, baby


    I chose Children of Men as my second movie. This was about a world in which everyone is infertile, and no babies have been born in eighteen years. Britain is the only country that has a high standard of living, and immigration is greatly looked down upon. However, a woman …

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    Everyone’s Favorite Food


    I decided to complete the two minute silent documentary assignment (VideoAssignments2032). There were so many things I could choose from and I would love to show what I do at work, but 1) the school district I work for is on spring break and 2) I cannot take videos or …

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    Apocalyptic Airwave Streaming on Video!


    Plotagon is amazingly fun! This (free) program lets you pick characters, scenes, dialogue, and emotion to create stories. It took me a while to figure out how to add four characters because only two can be shown at a single time. Once I figured that out, it was simple to …

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    Analyzing What Cameras Do


    As I read How to Read a Movie, I thought some of the things Ebert listed, such as the left side being seen as negative and the downward or upward angle of the camera, would not be evident in any movies. However, I was proven wrong, especially in the scene …

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    Wrap9ing Up


    I greatly appreciated the lower quantity of assignments this semester, especially since I have so many essays, readings, and tests coming up in my other classes! I completed three Daily Creates, and this week they were much more spread out than they usually are. In fact, I feel like I …

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    Radio Show Completion!


    At 9:00pm last night, Apocalyptic Airwave aired on DS106 Radio! I tuned in about fifteen minutes early, and it was strange going from what sounded like a professional radio show to what my group and I had created seamlessly. Joshua and I were both on Twitter to answer questions, …

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    Revisiting the Apocalypse


    There have been several assignments that I have commented on saying I would like to work on it again or change something, and I’m glad we were given that opportunity this week! During week four, I worked on the Juxtapose assignment (VisualAssignment2172), which shows either a person or thing that …

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    Talking About The End


    Although I so want to write about my group’s radio show, I will save that for the last part of my post. Three weeks is a long time to not say anything about my work (outside of the radio show), so this will be a very long post. I feel …

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    Recording the End


    Although I spent my spring break working and doing homework, a lot of my group members actually had fun! This made it difficult to collaborate, but we still managed to get a lot done.

    However, break is now over, and the real work has begun for our radio show! The …

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    Telling the End – Week One


    The ball is starting to roll for my group’s radio show. For some reason, I expected everyone in my group to be as boring as me and stay home during break (I’m jealous of all who are traveling!), so I thought a lot more work would get done during break. …

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    Des6n Week


    This week seemed to have fewer assignments, but the ones I thought would be the simplest ended up taking me the longest! More on that later.

    I completed three Daily Creates (I did watch the video, but there were two already created that I really wanted to do, so I …

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    Design in the Library


    I walked around Simpson Library on campus, and was able to find alignment, hierarchy, contrast, proximity, and color on the first floor! See my entire post here, but I will add each picture individually on this post so I can talk about them!


    Each aisle in the library is …

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    Winifred in a Cloud


    This is the word cloud that I created to describe my character, Winifred Hart!

    I used colors that went well together (purple, blue, and green are next to each other on the color wheel), and picked a shape that would separate the words, but clearly become one larger image. This …

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    Lost Hat


    Information can be found on the poster! Please help find and return this hat.

    I found two things difficult about this assignment: creating a background image and determining the “last seen.” For the background, I ended up using a free Canva background that looked like lined paper. I then added …

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    California Book Cover


    The book cover I created for California is not too different from the original, but I think it tells a lot more about the plot than the forest that the real cover depicts.

    In my initial Canva search, I found many abandoned places. This one caught my eye because of …

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    Winifred’s Place


    I tried to base Winifred’s appearance loosely on the picture that I used for her on my previous post:

    The goal was to make her appear kind and approachable in order to match her friendly and loving personality.

    I placed Winifred in front of her house, which I also identified …

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