1. @samprice_ds106

    One Question


    For this assignment I decided to ask a few people what they thought about the 80s. I thought this could be an interesting way to kick off the radio show. After I asked around, I put all the audio files in GarageBand and edited them together. I then added some …

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    DS106 Radio Show Mixtape


    So I had already done the mixtape assignment during audio week a while back but decided to do it again because I thought it was fitting to our radio show! I decided to pick out all the best theme songs from different 80s movies and create a playlist so that …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    The radio show is something I am really excited about. I have been brainstorming ideas since I heard about the project and am looking forward to actually getting started on it. My group decided we’d name our ourselves “The Breakfast Club” because we thought it fit our group in the …

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    Week Six Summary


    What a fun week! Like I have said in previous posts, I am very interested in design as something I want to do as a career, most specifically website design and graphic design. I had a lot of fun taking stuff I learned and worked on in other classes into …

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    Tattoo Design


    For this assignment, we had to create a custom tattoo design that described us. I thought this would be a fun assignment to complete because I am actually hoping to go get another tattoo soon!

    My tattoo is roman numerals for the date February, 19, 2003. That is the date …

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    Design Blitz


    For an assignment this week, we had to complete a Design Blitz. That entailed taking pictures of different posters around campus that embody different design elements. I had a lot of fun with this assignment. If I am being honest, I don’t usually take the time to look at the …

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    Join the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team!


    For this assignment we were tasked to create a poster for an event or club or anything we wanted. I decided to create a poster for the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Mary Massacre. I joined the team last semester so I thought it would be fun to create a poster …

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    READ Poster


    For this assignment we had to create a READ poster. I decided to take mine the comedic route and make fun of the one and only Donald Trump. I’m not sure if it has been made clear from my other posts or tweets, but I am not a fan …

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    For the first of my assignments for the week I will be designing a logo for my business, Hanging with Sam, where I design and make macramé wall-hangings. I started this business over the summer so I am still getting everything settled and a logo is something I’ve had on …

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    Design Reflection


    I am very excited for this week. I think I want to be a web designer/graphic designer so this is gonna be a very fun week for me. In some of my other classes I am learning how to more in-depth how to use photoshop and other photo-editing programs so …

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    Week Five Summary


    This week was crazy for me. It was a week where I needed my time management skills. I was busy all last weekend and then went home in the middle of this week for a concert (which was super fun). So I only had 4 full days to get all …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    The radio show project is something I am really looking forward to. I have been brainstorming ideas since we were told about the assignment. So far I have two ideas:

    Review movies from the 80s such as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Back to the Future. We would have…
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    Radio Bumper


    For this assignment we were instructed to create a radio bumper for the DS106 radio station! In all honesty, I was kind of dreading this assignment because I don’t like the sound of my voice on recording but it actually ended up being really fun.

    I recorded myself on my …

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    Sound Effect Story


    For this assignment we had to create a short story using only sound effects. I decided to get my sound effects from BCC Sound Effects. It was a lot of fun to listen to all the different sounds until I found some that I like. I decided my story …

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    Can’t Get It Out of My Head


    For this assignment we were instructed to whistle a song that has been stuck in our heads and upload it and try and have our classmates guess what song it is. This was fun and easy for me because I ALWAYS have songs stuck in my head so it wasn’t …

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    For this assignment, we were instructed to make a mixtape. We could interpret the directions however we wanted so I decided to make a mixtape on Spotify with my favorite songs from the 80s to stick with the theme. I really enjoyed this assignment because I love music from the …

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    Sick Beat


    For this assignment we had to create an audio track using different sounds. I decided to use GarageBand because it is what I am most comfortable with. I also decided to use the beats that are already in GarageBand to make it. I decided to make the beat as 80s …

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    Audio Reflection


    I listen to more podcasts than anyone I know. I am a huge mystery podcast person, I am constantly listening to different ones throughout my day. Watching and listening to the different videos and podcasts for this week was really interesting because of my love of the radio. Jad Abumrad’s …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week has been my favorite so far. That is probably because of the amount of times I got to use photoshop. If you haven’t figured out I like photoshop so far, you must not read all my other posts

    The first thing I did this week was reflect on …

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    This challenge was a lot of fun, although it did involve me running around like a mad-women for 20 minutes. We were instructed for 20 minutes to take as many photos from a list that we could.

    Here was my list:

    Take a picture of a word or sign that…
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    Splash the Color


    For this assignment our instructions were to remove all the color from a photo and then restore the color to one object. I decided to use a photo of me in front of a vibrant yellow door because I thought the pop of color from the door would make the …

  22. @samprice_ds106

    Hybird Animal


    For this assignment we were instructed to combine two different animals to make some sort of hybrid animal. I decided to go with a cat and a dog. I felt like each of these animals had qualities I liked so why not combine them and make the perfect pet! The …

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    Popstar Out of Place


    For this assignment we had to take a picture of a pop star and put them into a location where you wouldn’t usually find them. I decided to stick with our 80s theme and use Freddy Mercury from Queen as my pop star. I then decided to put him at …

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    The Forest Gump Photo


    I love using photoshop, and especially when it involves photoshopping myself into photos so I was excited for this assignment. When I was looking for a picuture to photoshop myslef I found two I really liked so I decided to use both.

    The first one was a picture of President …

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    Photography Reflection


    I love everything about photos, I have for as long as I can remember. When I was younger my uncle gave me one of his old Nikon D50 cameras, and I loved it. I would use it everyday, taking pictures of everything from the trees, to my dog, to my …

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    Week Three


    I started the week off my reading and watching the videos that were posted on the class site. I found them super interesting and liked that I was able to relate what I learned back to things I use everyday. I especially liked the video on the plot graphs of …

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