1. @samprice_ds106

    Emotional Lyrics


    For this assignment, we had to choose an emotion and then choose 3 songs that fit to that emotion and explain why. I decided to choose the emotion “happy”. I decided to only choose songs that came out in the 80s to relate it to our theme. Here are the …

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    Haiku About The Breakfast Club


    For this assignment we had to come up with a haiku about a movie we’ve watched for this class. I chose to write one about The Breakfast Club because it’s a great representation of the 80s. Plus it’s one of my favorite movies.

    Five kids in trouble

    Detention on Saturday …

  3. @samprice_ds106

    Letter to My Mom


    Dear Mama,

    Thank you for the countless hours you spend doing everything from making my lunch to making sure you’re there when I need a shoulder to cry on. You have always been my number one supporter throughout everything I do in life. You love me unconditionally, even when I …

  4. @samprice_ds106

    Haiku About Me


    For this assignment we had to come up with a haiku about ourselves. Here it is!

    My name is Sam Price (5)

    I like hiking and biking (7)

    I play frisbee too (5)

    Since this post was so short I decided to include a picture of me hiking that goes …

  5. @samprice_ds106

    My Bucket List


    I remember when I was younger, my best friend, Kay, and I would constantly be coming up with bucket lists for us to complete. I actually still have a few of the ones we made tucked away somewhere at my parents house. Kay and I would spend all of our …

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    Storytelling in Sixteen Candles


    I decided to rewatch one of my favorite movies, Sixteen Candles, for this week’s assignment of exploring storytelling in the 80s. It follows Samantha “Sam” Baker on her 16th birthday. Sam goes through lots of negative events on her birth day including her parents forgetting her birthday and loosing her …

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    Week Two Summary


    What a week! I have learned and developed a lot of skills this week through the different assignments. I have really enjoyed diving more into our theme and finding ways to incorporate it into my different projects for this class. Photoshop has definitely been my favorite thing I’ve used this …

  8. @samprice_ds106

    Contradiction Creation


    For my next assignment bank for this week, I chose to do one from the design assignments. I chose one where I had to find an inspirational background and then put an anti-motivational quote on top of it. I chose this one because honestly, I thought it was super …

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    Concert You Want to Be At


    For this assignment bank, I chose to do one of the visual assignments. The instructions for this challenge was to photoshop yourself into a concert you’ve always wanted to attend. I chose to “attend” an Elton John concert. Not only do I really enjoy his music, he also went …

  10. @samprice_ds106

    Week One Summary


    After this week, I am very excited for this class. Social media is something that I think I would like to do for a future job (as in manage social media accounts for whatever company I work for) so I am interested to see how I do with my social …

  11. @samprice_ds106

    What Do the 80’s Mean to Us Today?


    When I heard that our theme for the class was going to be 80s themed, I got very excited. I love the 80s (I have been someone from the 80s for as many Halloweens as I can remember). My mom grew up in the 80s and she always tell my …

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