1. saratmcd

    Final Project: The Blue Girl


    On a windy Wednesday evening, in another galaxy, on a planet called Triste, a little girl was born. She was the length of a human forearm, very plump, had green eyes and a huge smile. She was a healthy, happy girl named Olive. But there was something about her that …

  2. saratmcd

    Weekly Summary 13 & 14


    These weeks were the most stressful of the semester, by far. Not just because of the mashup assignments, but also because in the middle of week 13, my laptop charger broke. And my laptop was dead. My MacBook is an older one, it’s just the original make I believe, or …

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    Tutorial for Conversation with Myself


    This assignment was incredibly daunting and difficult to start. I could have used some help figuring it out, so I figured it’d be most helpful to do a tutorial on this assignment. That being said, before you begin reading, I can only do a tutorial on how to do this …

  4. saratmcd

    10 Second Mashup


    For my second online assignment, I chose to do the 10 second mashup assignment (3 stars) where you combine four of your favorite songs, but condense them down to only 10 seconds altogether. For this assignment, I just took songs from my iTunes library and uploaded them to GarageBand, edited …

  5. saratmcd

    Alan Goes on Vacation


    This assignment I, surprisingly, didn’t find as difficult as it seems a lot of people did. I had a bit of fun with the spaces we were to fill in, and Popcorn Mash up maker didn’t error more than twice. I got lucky!

    Basically, Alan decides he wants to go …

  6. saratmcd

    Weekly Summary 11&12


    Oh my goodness, not only were these past two weeks stressful in DS106 world, but I had a super important, need-a-good-grade-on-this-to-pass, project/test/presentation/etc. in every single one my classes. Yes, that required bold & italics. I’m so happy these weeks are over, and I can finally take a second to breathe …

  7. saratmcd

    Daily Creates


    I only completed 4/6 of the Daily Creates since I was too flustered with all the other video assignments. Here they are:

    Daily Create for 11/11:

    I designed a flag for my country if I had one. Read more on my Flickr page.


    Daily Create for 11/14:

    Writing: …

  8. saratmcd

    Time-lapse Tea


    For my last assignment, I chose to do the “activity time-lapse” assignment (3.5 stars). The point of this was to videotape some sort of activity you do or some specific task and then speed it up. I chose to film my nightly cup of tea since I thought …

  9. saratmcd

    Vine it!


    For another video assignment this week, I chose do to the Vine it! Assignment (3 stars). For this, I chose to vine myself making macaroni and cheese for dinner. I’ve been familiar with vine for awhile, but I deleted it off my old phone and didn’t bother re-downloading it, until …

  10. saratmcd

    That Bleeping Censor


    For one of my Video Assignments this week, I chose to do the Bleeping Censor Assignment (5 stars). For this assignment, I spent most of the time just trying to find a video with a lot of cursing in it. Unfortunately, the only ones I could find were South Park …

  11. saratmcd

    Name That Book!


    For one of my video assignments I chose to do the Name That Book assignment: “For this assignment, use the app Vine to visually create a book title. Find objects, landmarks, or think of some other creative way to verbally or physically represent a book title. Then record them in …

  12. saratmcd

    Three Time Review


    I chose to watch the “300 This Is Sparta” scene.

    1) Watching without sound. You can tell there is some sort of confrontation by the acting, but the positioning of the characters was well though-out as there are a line of people in view between the two characters …

  13. saratmcd

    Weekly Summary 9


    This week was quite overwhelming, so I didn’t have much time to get a lot of the assignments done. My phone has water damage, so it hasn’t been working which has made it difficult to take pictures and keep up with DS106 on-the-go, which I usually do so I’m able …

  14. saratmcd

    Create Your Own Assignment


    Beyond The Headlines

    For creating my own assignment, I decided I wanted to do a writing one since those are my favorite to do myself. I wanted to make people get a bit crafty and have fun, so I thought something like taking news article titles and making a story …

  15. saratmcd

    Weekly Summary #8


    I’m so happy to be done with the radio show and really proud of it! I worked hard on my segment trying to edit it to make it as spooky as possible. As you may know from my work this semester, audio certainly isn’t my strong suit, so this project …

  16. saratmcd

    Reverse Audio Quiz


    For another audio assignment, I chose to do the Reverse Audio Quiz (2.5 stars). It took me a while to figure out how to reverse a song on editing software, but once I moved from Garageband to Audacity the process was a lot easier since audacity simply has a “reverse” …

  17. saratmcd

    Polyphony: Itsy Bitsy Spider


    For one of my chosen audio assignments, I picked “Row Row Polyphony“: (2.5 stars) An imitative polyphony can best be described as when you were younger in music class and the teacher would have one side of the class start singing “row row row your boat” and then …

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    Weekly Summary #6


    Is it just me or was this week suuper busy? I completed most of this week’s work by Friday, and yet I still sat down six hours ago to finish two more assignments and I’m just finishing up now! Design assignments take up a lot of time, and I think …

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    Daily Creates


    This week I managed to complete all four Daily Create’s! Woo hoo.

    First, I completed TDC995- “The pirates have landed…”
    “…and they stole Kim Kardashian’s ‘booty’”
    I realize this was very immature, but I thought it was kind of a funny play on words. My following Daily Create’s are …

  20. saratmcd

    “Design Safari”


    I had a bit of trouble this week in regards to finding “design” in everyday life. I’ve never been a very organized, minimalistic person, so it’s hard for me to observe places, signs, houses, etc. and see designs. The assignment document definitely help me stay on the lookout for specific …

  21. saratmcd

    Name That Single


    For my final design assignment, I chose to do “Name That Single” (2 stars): Create a design for a favorite song by using just simple designs and NO WORDS…Basically a design assignment with the rules in charades.

    I decided to use the song I’ve been listening to non-stop …

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