1. scottc1094

    So you want to take DS106?


    If would were like me, you may be thinking of taking DS106 to get your art credit out of the way. DS106 truly was a fun and educational class to take, but you shouldn’t go into it thinking that you will be able to breeze by without putting in some …

  2. scottc1094

    Week 15 Summary


    This final week of ds106 was focused on completing our final project. My final project, titled All About Edward, can be found here. We had to use at least four different types of media for our final project, and I ended up using video, audio, writing, and design. Some …

  3. scottc1094

    All About Edward


    This is my final project for DS106. I have used various types of media, and both old and new assignments to give everyone a better idea of who Edward is. Everything should be read/played in order from top to bottom. My discussion as to how everything was created will be …

  4. scottc1094

    Edward’s Past


    Assignment (3 stars)

    This was one of my original assignments, and is one of the assignments that I plan to incorporate into my final project. For this assignment, I had to provide a more detailed look at my character’s past.

    Edward Creeper was born on the 13th of October, in …

  5. scottc1094

    DS106 Showcase


    Greetings fellow students, my name is Edward Creeper. Today, I have been tasked with finding the very best works from all semester long in DS106. There have been so many good projects created thus far, so this was not an easy decision. But, take a look below for my choices, …

  6. scottc1094

    Sports Team Pump-Up Tutorial



    This assignment asks you to choose your favorite sports team, and then make a video montage of that team. As of writing, this assignment is worth 4 1/2 stars and is an easy and fun assignment, so I highly recommend it!

    To get started, you will first need to …

  7. scottc1094

    Bucket List Tutorial



    This assignment asks you to put together a bucket list collage with at least four different pictures. It is worth 3 1/2 stars (as of time of writing) and is an easy and fun assignment, so I would definitely recommend this one.

    To get you started, you will first …

  8. scottc1094

    Edward’s Story (Week 13)


    After browsing through some ideas from others for our final project, I really liked the thought of being able to tell more of the story behind my character, Edward Creeper. I hope to add background on Edward’s childhood, how he became a radio host, and what makes him the way …

  9. scottc1094

    Halloween Songs Mashup


    Assignment (2 stars)

    For this assignment, we had to find four songs that we could include in a mashup. To incorporate my host character Edward Creeper, I chose his four favorite halloween songs that he plays year round. let me know if you can guess any in the comments!

    To …

  10. scottc1094

    The Contest Nobody Could Win


    Assignment (2 stars)

    For this assignment, we had to create a mashup of six clips of our favorite movies. All of the clips had to be no longer than two seconds.

    To complete this assignment, I chose six different movies that I had seen in the last few years, and …

  11. scottc1094

    J.D. Scrubs Mashup


    Assignment (3 stars)

    For this assignment, we had to take a character from a TV show and mash together pictures and videos of them. I chose to mashup J.D. from one of my favorite shows, Scrubs. J.D. is one of the main characters, and is a doctor at Sacred Heart.…

  12. scottc1094

    The Dark Knight Chipmunk Style


    Assignment (3 stars)

    For this assignment, we had to take a clip from a film and edit the audio in some way. I chose to edit a scene from the Dark Knight, as this is Edward Creeper’s favorite movie of all time. This scene is pretty classic, so I would …

  13. scottc1094

    I am Edward


    Assignment (4.5 stars)

    For this assignment, I made a video representing who my character, Edward Creeper, is.

    To complete this assignment, I first brainstormed what kind of interests Edward Creeper has, and found some pictures on Google that corresponded with them. I downloaded all of these images into iMovie, and …

  14. scottc1094

    Redskins Pump-up Video


    Assignment (4.5 stars)

    For this assignment, I made a video using different highlights from the Washington Redskins.

    To complete this assignment, I first found several different videos on YouTube that had the clips I used above. I then used a Youtube converter to download them into iMovie. I then found …

  15. scottc1094

    Tyrod Taylor Highlight Reel


    Assignment (5 stars)

    For this assignment, we had to find an athlete that we like and make a highlight reel of them, along with adding music and an intro. The following video is of Tyrod Taylor, who was a Virginia Tech quarterback, before being drafted to play for the Baltimore …

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