1. Sean Placchetti

    Final Project


    Week Five:


    Dancing Jim All Over The World(kind of a remix, riff, tutorial all in one):


    Huge Ridiculous Awesome Thing (I think it turned out well):


    Newly Created Assignments:

    A daily create: http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc528/ A visual assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/youre-doing-it-wrong/ An audio assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/decode-your-language/ A video assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/show-us-your-blue-steel/

    Daily Creates:…

  2. Sean Placchetti

    Cooking Show


    This was a disaster, but the video looks fine enough, I used a pitch altered version of David Bowie’s China Girl and my own General Tso’s recipe. I spliced in some images of the ingredients close-up to give people an idea of what they need, but otherwise it’s a fast-paced …

  3. Sean Placchetti

    Inanimate Motion


    So, I decided to use an app-for-that and get a quick video of my Kierkegaard finger-puppet being mauled by my cat in stop motion. I make it look like the doll is moving across the room only to be swiped away from my and inbetween frames. I hope you enjoy!…

  4. Sean Placchetti

    Inappropriate Laughter


    I thought I would do this assignment because it looks easy and I may have tuckered myself on the last assignment. Also it looked kind of fun. I choose the X-files and some canned laughter off of soundboard.com and then got to work. It didn’t take long to insert the …

  5. Sean Placchetti

    Speed Up Your Work Day



    This is a video of me working on some independent research into the field of parallel computing, by way of beginning with a single-core processor. It’s a lot cooler than it sounds and it’s what my other blog is all about. The other blog is also very empty which …

  6. Sean Placchetti

    Return to the Silent Era


    This was a fun assignment, mostly because I got to pick something futuristic and make it not so much. This wasn’t too difficult with the kdenlive, which had built in filters for making old timey videos out of regular ones. I did render the video and then run it through …

  7. Sean Placchetti

    Do the hitch cut


    Well, I decided to do this assignment expecting to have access to better clips, unfortunately, I was forced to make due with what we have here. Still great, with some doubtfire and taken, but I really wanted some of those great xfiles phone calls – apparently copyright is this thing …

  8. Sean Placchetti

    What’s Your Skills?


    For this assignment I decided to not show you my mad skills at reading literature or coding websites, lucky you.  Instead, I made a video to show you my cocktailing skills. I used Serge Gainsbourg’s Black Trombone for the background music and kdenlive to cut and mix all the clips …

  9. Sean Placchetti

    The making of a movie


    I took the scene I used from Night Call and analyzed it. I’ve decided that this is a drama with hints of psychological and fantastical horror. What’s really compelling about the story isn’t the realism of the other end of the phone call, we could probably edit those lines out …

  10. Sean Placchetti

    Possible Video Assignments

    Do The Hitch Cut

    I think this is a great assignment. Andrew, you’re the man. I’m planning on taking a scene with Mulder and Scully from the X-files and splicing in scenes from Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and something …

  11. Sean Placchetti

    YouTube Genre


    I added a genre, which I think makes me super cool. I kid. But I do get to point out my favorite genre – infographics. How is this not a genre on this list already, I feel like ds106 would love to have an assignment about infographics. Maybe I should …

  12. Sean Placchetti

    3 time review


    I chose the Twilight Zone episode ‘Night Call’, which I found to be a great Twilight Zone episode. I mean, I doubt Jim would have chose the episode if it didn’t have some degree of merit, but this one stood above the other two chosen for the week, not only …

  13. Sean Placchetti

    Week 3 Summary


    Group Radio Show

    It was fairly difficult to get in touch with my group, I found it a little bit like chasing down work just so I could get my name on the paper. I think, from looking at their write-ups, that they see it a little differently. They got …

  14. Sean Placchetti

    Movie Voice Machines


    The hardest part of this assignment was figuring out whether I was leaving the message or setting a voice-mail greeting. There seemed to be equal versions of both in the assignment bank. I decided that I should go for the voice-mail greeting, but I also decided it should be the …

  15. Sean Placchetti

    Punctuate Like Victor Borge


    Well, this assignment was actually kind of difficult. Mostly because I had to listen to the same track over and over again trying to find where I should shove my punctuation. It was pretty trying. I decided to read my dusty old religion thesis for this assignment, but don’t worry …

  16. Sean Placchetti

    May I Take Your Order?


    Okay, so first things first. I don’t do accents. Its a house rule. I do them poorly and they usually sound like some sort of mexican/jamaican hybrid, which is unfortunate to hear. So, I didn’t do an accent. I do, however, do a nice entitled guy. So, my recording is …

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