1. Sean Placchetti

    Use the Voice


    So, I Used The Voice, which means I mimicked the voice of Don LaFontaine and created an alternate opening for The Twilight Zone. I simply took the actual script as written by Sterling and made a more epic version using some common tropes. I also tried to get a good …

  2. Sean Placchetti



    I tried to listen to the ds106radio last night, but failed miserably. Thankfully everyone witnessed this spectacle and I don’t think anybody would say I didn’t try to listen to ds106 radio. I’ll try again tonight. But I’ve heard nothing about how they’re planning on fixing the stream issues. It …

  3. Sean Placchetti

    The Radio Show


    Well, I gave a listen to my group’s radio show so far. It’s not bad. I see a lot of room for processing. The need for music and effects. If we had the time I’d like re-record the show to slow it down a little. I feel like it lacks …

  4. Sean Placchetti

    I Can Read Movies

    Pulpnight Sun

    This project was a little tricky, because I had to play with the layers and the smudge tool a lot in order to maintain the aesthetic of the original design. I found the sun online and just layered one on top of the other. I couldn’t the font …

  5. Sean Placchetti

    The Big Hip Hop

    Macklemore Lyrics from ‘Can’t Hold Us’

    This is a pretty straightforward assignment where the only computer work is about putting text onto a photo. The hardest part for me was figuring out a top-100 song. I was forced to enlist the help of my much more hip girlfriend. And the …

  6. Sean Placchetti

    Turn A GIF Into A FIG


    I had actually been wanting to do a project like this as soon as I realized how .gif were put together – last week when I learned because of this course. Anyway, I did mine a little different and maybe a little slow and ridiculously. I followed the normal procedure …

  7. Sean Placchetti

    Poetry Reading


    I’m not the largest connoisseur of poetry, though I did take an Art of Literature course with our Pulitzer Prize winning professor before she won any major awards. She even read over some of my poetry. I like to tell people that and leave out that it was a 200-level …

  8. Sean Placchetti

    Sound Scapes


    I even went with the Deep Field photo from the assignment prompt, because I love the deep field photo. It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. It’s the closest most of us will get to Time Travel. When you look at that photo you’re looking BILLIONS OF …

  9. Sean Placchetti

    Dancing Jim All Over The World


    I did this assignment for a number of reasons, but mostly because only one other person has done it and it’s one-star, so it’s unlikely anyone else will. I thought it might be fun to up the game a little. Earlier this semester Jim riffed an assignment by Brian Bennett, …

  10. Sean Placchetti

    Design Safari


    This book is a sci-fi version of Moby Dick, where instead of a vast ocean and a whaling ship, the story takes place in a wasteland of illogical and dangerous train tracks called the Railsea. In this version of Moby Dick, the ship is a train. The typography of the …

  11. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 013


    Well this episode is a lot of obvious computer tips for people who don’t understand how computer files work.”Your buddy can work on the .wav” lol, best quotes from this show. Wow that was short.…

  12. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 012


    That’s a pretty awesome opening to 012 LoDown. Well done, Scott. Anyhow, this sounds like it’s going to be a very productive episode. I’m excited. I’m a linux user! No one cares… Narrate my process? It’s kind of personal. How about I tell you about some of my process? I …

  13. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 011


    Whoa, this sounds different. Scott usually has this sort of deep, single toned voice, but today it’s a little lightweight and distant. Ha! he just himself droney. lol. Downloading is for suckers. I only stream. Jim Groom burn. I wonder if Scott Lo is getting paid for this? I feel …

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