1. Sean Placchetti

    Peter Parker Invoice


    I really tried hard to think of someone who not only should be charging by invoice, but also someone who is generally underpaid. I came up with poor Peter Parker, who is constantly getting short end of the stick from Jameson. It’d be nice if Peter could just get paid, …

  2. Sean Placchetti



    I’m not sure how anyone could do half of this ds106 stuff without a very forgiving and reliable significant other to lean on. Thankfully Rachel put up with my ridiculously poorly worded instructions and managed to get three photos that only required a pair of digital scissors to put together. …

  3. Sean Placchetti



    This self-portrait is based on the idea that you are what you do. This is a photo of me holding the books that I have attempted to start reading since the beginning of college in 2011. Every one of them I picked up with the intention of finishing, only …

  4. Sean Placchetti



    This .gif is from the Mr. Dingle episode, where Martians give a man the strength of 300 men. i chose this clip because I was able to loop it endlessly, as the lighting and positions of the characters only changes slightly from the end to the beginning.


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