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    Reading Movies


    Ebert’s post offers some good insight into reading movies. He often noted that breaking some of the “rules” of film making can, at times, prove fruitful. It is more important to know what effect these rules have on the audience rather than to simply follow them. A lot of the …

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    Hobo Speech Tutorial


    The first thing to do is to record the speech itself. If you have a microphone, the easiest way is to record directly into Audacity. You could also use another program to record the speech, or record it on your phone and move it onto your computer. Either way , …

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    Warning Poster Tutorial


    For the Create a Warning Poster assignment, I’d recommend using PowerPoint. I find it to be easy to work with, and use it frequently for this type of work. First, change the format so the slide is aligned vertically. If you can’t figure that part out, don’t sweat it. It’ll …

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    Reflection of the Radio Stuff


    So I watched these two videos about these two radio guys and their experiences. Here I noticed some similarities. Both performers seemed to have different goals for each specific video, but there seems to be some similar themes. The fact that two different performers produced similar themes tells me something …

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    Everyone’s making a big deal out of people writing less by hand, but the world does move on. People don’t carve stone tablets anymore, some things just become obsolete. Although, seeing a bunch of stone tablets on Twitter could be kind of cool. You know, maybe that should be a …

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    Let’s talk about visual design, using some stuff I found around the house. Yeah, I know we were supposed to out into the world and whatnot, but the outside world is overrated. So, let’s start with the first one.


    I think we all know what this is. A good …

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    Draw on a Napkin: Seriously?


    So what are we supposed to do for today’s Daily Create? We let’s see, apparently we’re supposed to draw on a napkin and give it to a loved one. Seriously? I mean, that’s actually what we’re supposed to do? Huh. So I drew this picture of a smiley face, took …

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