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  1. sfrench2


    Goldilocks is taking a nap after just getting in from running some errands earlier that morning. She looks happy and satisfied as she gets up to read the morning paper, looking through the advertisements. This poster can be seen pinned to the wall behind her: She scans the ads until she finds something she likes. […]
  2. sfrench2

    Interview/Music Mashup Tutorial

    Below is a tutorial for the “Interview/Music Mashup” Assignment using GarageBand. For songs I didn’t already have, I used a YouTube to mp3 converter. Once you find the song on YouTube, just copy the link and paste it into the box above the buttons that says “Covert Video.” Then click the “Covert Video” button. The image […]
  3. sfrench2

    Week 4 Summary

    Charlie Chaplin Remake Video Assignment 1 Video Assignment 2 Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 My creation of an assignment (1) My creation of an assignment (2) Look, Listen, Analyze Ebert Reading Movies Response Daily Creates: 1 2 3 4 5 6 This was definitely my least favorite week! I found the assignments to be a lot more […]
  4. sfrench2

    What NOT to do at the circus

    Before coming with your family to the circus, be sure to watch the video below! It provides you with many examples of what NOT to do at the circus to make sure you stay safe on your visit. Charlie Chaplin was kind enough to make a visit to the circus for us and make lots […]
  5. sfrench2

    Look, Listen, Analyze: Back to the Future

    Here are my brief notes that I took as I watched the clip above from Back to the Future: 1. Analyze the camera work -Show of crowd from stage -Then shot of him on stage getting ready to play from a little bit of a lower angle -Then shows him playing – only the guitar […]
  6. sfrench2

    Ebert Response

    I had no idea the analysis that could be done when it comes it movies! I normally just watch the movie and never give a single thought about the techniques being used. The fact that I never notice any of this makes me question if these techniques actually work to convey a particular connotation to […]
  7. sfrench2

    Barcode Transformation

    Recently while feeding my Pinterest addiction, I discovered some images of designs people made out of barcodes. For this assignment, turn something simple into something great by using an image of a barcode and forming a different object or design. For examples, look here. I was actually inspired by the talk we watched a couple of weeks ago […]
  8. sfrench2

    Back to basics

    For this assignment, choose a photo of anything that you want to make a stencil out of using Photoshop or some other editing software. Using your software, remove the color and make the image appear to be a stencil instead of an actual photo. Take notice of how this changes the focus of the image. […]
  9. sfrench2

    I’m obsessed with my dog if you can’t tell

    Can you blame me? Look how cute he is! I’ve done numerous assignments during this class with my dog as the subject, so it’s only fitting that I did “What do pets think about?” using Cooper once again! I chose my video assignments at the beginning of the week and I knew for sure that […]
  10. sfrench2


    For my first video assignment, I chose to do “Why So Serious?”  I had to take the audio from a funny movie and add it to the video of a serious movie. I chose The Little Rascals for my funny movie and Miracle for my serious movie.  Both of these movies are on my list […]
  11. sfrench2

    I’m done!

    I guess I saved the easiest assignment for last! Here is my “breaking news” that I have finished all my assignments for the week – yay!!
  12. sfrench2

    Don’t bite your friends!

    For this audio assignment, I had to pretend to interview someone and have their responses be snippets from songs. I chose to interview Luis Suarez, a profession Uruguayan soccer player. If you don’t know what happened recently in a World Cup match, Suarez was caught biting an opponent. This is the third time he’s been […]
  13. sfrench2

    Week 3 Summary

    Chaplin Foley - Blog Post Foley Sounds – SoundCloud Sound Effect Story Audio Assignment 1 - One Question Audio Assignment 2 - Interview/Mashup Embedded Audio Post Daily Creates: 1 2 3 4 I am SO glad that this week is finally over. It’s been a long and stressful week! I was super stressed at the beginning of the week […]
  14. sfrench2

    What would you be in a past life?

    For this design assignment, I had to ask one question to different people. I tried starting this assignment earlier in the week, but no one in my family wanted to participate! I was with a group of friends last night and most of them were willing to help me out and answer my question. I […]
  15. sfrench2

    Charlie Chaplin Foley

    Above is the second segment from the Charlie Chaplin video, which is from 00:31 to 01:00. Again, I was surprised by how easy this was! Probably since there was no editing to do with the audio. It was also easier because for most of the clip he is trying to be quiet! I used SoundCloud […]
  16. sfrench2

    Rainy day accident

    On a slightly overcast day, a man got in the car to head to work. He started the car and pulled onto the road. Just as he started driving, the rain started to fall. He turned on his wipers and continued on his drive. A few moments pass when, suddenly, a car pulls out in […]
  17. sfrench2

    It’s only Tuesday…

    This is going to be a long week! Audio is already giving me trouble. I think it’s going to be way harder than the past two weeks and a lot less enjoyable. I haven’t completed anything so far which is stressful because I feel like there is a lot to do this week. I’ve basically […]
  18. sfrench2

    Week 2 Summary

    Design Assignment 1  Design Assignment 2 Design Assignment 3 TEDxPhoenix Response Comment Feedback Daily Creates: 1 2 3 4 Compared to last week, this week has been MUCH better since I know how to do everything for the most part. I think I’ve completed my assignment pretty well this week. I struggled a little finding […]
  19. sfrench2

    Comment Feedback

    Well, I haven’t received any feedback so far on my posts from anyone other than Professor Polack. I’m hoping I will get some soon so I can get some tips on what I am doing right/wrong! I have left about 4 or 5 comments on other blogs the past few days.  I try to tell […]
  20. sfrench2

    Have a little faith

    For my last design assignment, I decided to make a motivational poster.  I had a really rough start to my week so I thought a little motivation was just what I needed.  I keep a journal of my favorite quotes, and that’s where I found this one. On Sunday, I was home with just my […]
  21. sfrench2

    Design Safari

    1.  Function Well, the function of a beer bottle is normally only to drink from it.  However, here my mom decided to change its use by converting it into a vase.  It was pretty effective as something to drink from since she did drink it first, but its shape also makes it effective to hold […]
  22. sfrench2

    TEDxPhoenix Reponse

    I am amazed by how creative Kelli Anderson is.  I wouldn’t be able to imagine the things she does even if I tried!  That’s part of what makes this class difficult for me – I’m an extremely uncreative person but this class forces me to try to discover my creative side. I had never even […]
  23. sfrench2

    Million dollar question

    Can you guess the movie from these four images?   The squiggly line in the symbol on the bottom right represents water – that one was a little confusing so I decided to give one small hint! This post will probably be pretty short and sweet since I don’t want to say much to give […]
  24. sfrench2

    It’s a great day to be alive!

    For my first design assignment, I chose the lyric typography poster.  I basically had to design a poster with the song lyrics of my choosing using typography. This was a lot harder to do than I ever imagined! I didn’t know any program to use to help me do this so I spent some time […]
  25. sfrench2

    Week 1 Summary

    Visual Assignment – Color Splash Visual Assignment – Google AutoComplete Lodown 001 Response Gardner Campbell Response Michael Wesch Response Daily Creates: 1 2 3 4 Well, this week was very challenging for me! It was hard to get used to how things work and I was very confused most of the time, but I think […]
  26. sfrench2

    Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure

    I started these talks with Welsch’s and I am starting to make connections between the two.  Both of them are focusing on the important of technology and media in education today, but they are bringing different aspects to their arguments. Campbell focuses on the digital facelift, which is basically putting something that was previously in […]
  27. sfrench2

    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able

    I thought the above quote from Albert Einstein was a good way to sum up Wesch’s argument about how education ought to be in the world today.  I agree with his belief that many students are just in school to get their degree and have no enjoyment of the process.  They want to come to […]
  28. sfrench2

    ds106zone Lodown 001

    Definitely the first thing that caught my attention about this was that he plans on keeping the podcasts short – around 5-7 minutes.  I think that is awesome! I once had a professor who kept all his lectures around 24 minutes because that’s when the human mind starts to stop retaining any information.  A lot […]
  29. sfrench2

    When my cat smokes my cigs…

    So for this visual assignment I had to create an image using the results from a Google search where it automatically suggested some options. I started my search with “I hate it when…” and then added “my cat.” I’m not much of a cat person so I think that’s probably how I ended up choosing […]

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