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    F+or 4.5 stars, I did the Narrative Ambiance assignment, which asked us to:

    Take a favorite poem, inspiring quote or passage from a book (or even a movie monologue, if you like!) and record yourself reading it. Then set it to original video you’ve recorded with some kind of music …

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    My Actual Favorite Daily Create


    Some of the other Daily Creates were pretty awesome and led in some pretty interesting directions, but this was the best. Its like the Daily Create creator (who is the Daily Create Creator? Now I’m wondering. Well anyway…) knew that it was going to be a magnificent sunny summer day. …

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    A Nerd Goes to the Movies

    How to Read a Movie

    I won’t lie: I thought this would be dull. Analyzing movies sounded a lot like analyzing books, which is just about my least favorite activity even though I love reading them. I spent all of my secondary education dreading English classes precisely because I did …

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    This isn’t a course on selfies…right?


    So I’m terrible at taking selfies. I totally admit it. Actually, I’m pretty bad with a phone camera in general, which is why I struggled with getting my family’s only non-phone camera to behave for me for the first couple weeks.

    Therefore I was totally into Tuesday’s Daily Create, which …

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    An Interview with Myself

    The Song Itself

    Before you read anything else, listen to this song. You’re not going to understand if you don’t.

    Close your eyes for the full effect.


    For reference, here are the lyrics from bobdylan.com:

    Crickets are chirpin’, the water is high
    There’s a soft cotton dress …

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    Its strange to think, but one year ago I had no idea what college was like, and two years ago I didn’t know what college I would end up attending. Just applying to college is a stressful process fraught with complications, and in the midst of the process I didn’t …

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    Week 3 Weekly Summary


    This week I’m writing my Weekly Summary like a diary throughout the week, so I can finish it when I finish my work. The video indicates that Professor Polack won’t be available on the weekend, so I aim to finish as much as I can by Friday. I know …

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    A Feel-sy Daily Create


    I just love that today’s Daily Create was about a defining moment. Its very fitting, considering that it’s Independence Day, when we celebrate the country’s defining moment. Well here’s mine:

    @ds106dc When I got my early acceptance to #UMW & realized I was happier than if I'd gotten into W&M …

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    Week 2 Weekly Summary


    Once again, I completed all the work for this week, this time with better time management now that I know the time commitment expected from this course. I began the week off with the wonderfully-zany “Octopus Encounter” Daily Create, which was to caption this perplexing image:

    I tried several captions …

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    My first gif!


    I didn’t quite understand what a gif was until earlier this week, but even then, I felt intimidated by the gif assignments. I clicked on the link to a good example of the assignment I wanted to do, but I ended up finding another assignment (no idea how that happened) …

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    So What If Its a Pipe Dream? 2016-07-03 11:26:48


    I sat down comfortably, balancing the pile of papers in my lap. I had begun the week by printing out all 96 pages of the Vignelli Canon, imagining it would prove an invaluable resource for the week’s work and any future designing.

    The introduction seemed to indicate a very open …

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    A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood


    Even though we got several resources to draw photography tips from, I decided to focus on the ideas provided in TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear by David duChemin after I found the ebook available online for free. His writing style is very …

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    I Need Vitamin Sea: Whining and Collage-Making


    Summer always worsens my persistent cabin fever and wanderlust, especially for the seaside with its unique charm. I don’t know if I can wait until August for my “Vitamin Sea” after scrolling through all these beautiful pictures on Pinterest! But at the moment I am trapped inside, working on my …

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    Week 1


    I completed all of the week’s assignments, but I struggled with the sheer amount of wok provided. I realized I have tendency to be perfectionistic, especially in my photography. For instance, I delete many of the photos I took. In the future, I will try to overcome that tendency.

    I …

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    Is that “dramatic” enough?


    For today’s Digital Storytelling Daily Create, there were endless possibilities…but I didn’t have time to come up with any of them because I was busy with my other assignments/otherwise busy life. Then it didn’t matter because the clouds came out anyway. So I settled for “making” an old photo …

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