1. shannotated

    The toys are alive – #AAG15


    I’m all about subtlety in gifs lately. This one I call “Exercise in the clone tool” because that’s 99% of what I used here. I really wanted to try and make a static image be animated as “real” as possible, which is easier said than done. I probably could have …

  2. shannotated

    Light Fight – AAG #12


    Once I saw that it was vader we’d be animating, I had to give it a shot.

    I used the clone tool to hide the lights and make them look like they were flashing. I also used the hue/saturation tool on the little yellow light to make it look like …

  3. shannotated

    Under Construction – #AAG 6


    Okay so I’m doing them out of order. This one was really easy, I just filmed myself writing on a whiteboard, opened the video up in MPEG Streamclip, exported as an image sequence and ta-da! I did delete a LOT of the frames though (there were 1,000!) so that may …

  4. shannotated

    People who can’t make eggs AAG #4


    You know, I really scrambled my brain to try and think of a good gif for this challenge. I ended up calling my old friend Benedict to ask for his advice on what to do. He said that what it all boiled down to was a just a good ol …

  5. shannotated

    Making art – minimalist promo poster? AAG #3


    I had a grand plan to create a gif that looked very drawn on, to convey the part of ds106 that I loved the most.  I was going to then apologize for how this gif actually turned out, but then decided that I wouldn’t.  It’s rough around the edges and …

  6. shannotated

    Shake, Shake Senora – AAG #2


    Is it weird that I immediately thought of Beetlejuice when I saw this assignment?  Maybe it’s that lasso-arm dance move and the hip shaking, who knows.

    This was sorta painstaking because I had to copy it frame by frame into another gif, but all things considering I don’t think it …

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