1. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Building Single-Page Websites on WordPress.com


    WordPress.com supports a wide range of features for building your online presence: blogs, online stores, newsletter signup forms, and more. These tools are invaluable for many customers, but they can seem excessive for folks who are just looking to create a straightforward single-page website. If that’s you, read on for …

  2. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Expert Advice: How to Improve Remote Education Collaboration


    As we’re witnessing with schools and learning communities around the world, education is shifting dramatically. With the right set of tools, your class, team, or group can learn to communicate and collaborate more efficiently online. Since our company was founded over fifteen years ago, the people behind the scenes at …

  3. @Sheefa_ahmed

    A Better Way to Discover Blogs and Get Inspired


    WordPress is home to millions of sites across countless topics. It’s a big and beautiful world, and we want to make it easier for you to discover new voices. Over the past few months, the mobile team has been working hard to improve the experience of your WordPress Reader on …

  4. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Manage Posts and Pages with the Block Editor Sidebar


    We wanted to make it easier to manage posts and pages when you’re working within the Block Editor. With the Block Editor Sidebar you can view, create, edit, and manage posts and pages right from the Block Editor!  

    Wait, another sidebar?

    Have you ever finished editing something and then needed …

  5. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Starting Your Own Podcast on WordPress.com


    I am very inspired by creative podcasts. Entertaining guests and the unscripted nature of the conversations make me feel like I am right there, chatting about world affairs or the deep societal transformations of the connected age. I decided to start my own show with a group of friends  — …

  6. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Working Remotely Isn’t Just About the Work


    With COVID-19, the business world has come to a fork in the road: Down one route, shuttered offices. Down the other, companies embracing remote work, showing us how businesses can survive — and thrive! — with a fully remote workforce. And that includes fostering strong team bonds and employee relationships; …

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