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    Expert Advice: SEO and Content Marketing


    You’ve launched your website or started a blog. Congratulations! Now it’s time to attract an audience. You built a website to reach people with your art, ideas, or products and services. We’ve created a free online session to help you do just that. 

    Register for our next 60-minute webinar, Traffic

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    How to Move Your Classes Online — and Charge for Them


    We are proud to host many websites for language tutors, yoga schools, and personal fitness coaches around the world.

    It’s exciting to see how educators and consultants across different industries are getting creative with their online offerings: language teachers conduct 1:1 sessions to help students hone pronunciation, yoga studios livestream …

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    On Working Remotely: An Automattic Reader


    How does a distributed company — a group of people with shared business goals but spread out around the world, representing different cultures, family settings, and local health considerations — stick together during a major health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic?

    We don’t intend to make it sound easy. And …

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    Announcing a New Scholarship for LGBTQ+ WordPress Community Members


    The Queeromattic Employee Resource Group, Automattic’s LGBTQ+ internal organization, is proud to announce a scholarship for LGBTQ+ WordPress Community members who need financial support to attend a WordCamp flagship event for the first time. 

    For those unfamiliar with WordCamps, they are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress …

  5. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Turning a Page with Page Layouts


    Need to add a new page to your site but don’t know where to start? Making a brand new site on WordPress.com and want to design a homepage quickly? There’s a new addition to the WordPress experience that’ll help with exactly that.

    Let’s take a look at Page Layouts! They’re …

  6. @Sheefa_ahmed

    A Crash Course in Remote Management


    Remote work is a prominent topic lately, as people around the world are doing their best to live their lives and keep themselves and their families safe and prepared during the COVID-19 outbreak. The impact of this outbreak is felt across societies and cultures as well as in the workplace.  …

  7. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Improved Offline Publishing


    The best technology is invisible and reliable. You almost forget it’s there, because things just work. Bad technology never disappears into the background — it’s always visible, and worse, it gets in your way. We rarely stop to think “My, what good Wifi!” But we sure notice when the Wifi …

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