1. shenika1987

    Make a Story Out of Search


    This was an assignment that I would never in a million years thought of myself it was quit interesting and full of tips and tricks that I can use in the future. I had a hard time deciding what to do the story about so I randomly started jotting things …

  2. shenika1987

    Week 7 and 8 Summary


    These last two weeks have been full to max with school items even with the 2 day break that we had last week.  The most important and time consuming part was the Radio Show (Group Projects).  I have too say that I am more familiar with Audacity than I would …

  3. shenika1987

    Daily Creates Weeks 7 & 8


    The assignment for the last two weeks was to complete 6 daily create tasks.  I would have to say that there were a lot of fun and interesting tasks to choose from which always helps when we are assigned to these weekly.  I was able to use what I have …

  4. shenika1987

    Week 6 Summary


    This week was a great week besides having to take a few exams and quizzes (examining my hair to make sure I don’t have any bald spots from pulling my hair out lol!)  I enjoyed the creativity from my group members and the ability to interact with them via twitter …

  5. shenika1987

    Design Safari


    This week we had to learn about the major design elements of :

    color typography metaphors/symbols minimalism & use of space form/function/message balance rhythm proportion dominance unity

    We had to carry our cameras around this week and try to capture some examples of some of the elements to prove that …

  6. shenika1987

    Daily Creates


    This week we had to create four daily create assignments. As always I enjoy seeing what creative assignments are posted and what I can come up with.

    This first assignment was to take a photo of a vegetable to celebrate world vegetarian day.  I have to admit that I love …

  7. shenika1987

    That’s Pinteresting


    I chose to do this assignment because I absolutely love pinning.  This assignment required that I do a screenshot of a Pinterest page and why not just get a shot of my own page.  I was able to do the screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard …

  8. shenika1987

    DS106 Radio


    One of the assignments that we had to complete this week was to design a bumper sticker/ Poster/ T-Short for our radio show.  This is so cool anytime that I have some way of creating something with no boundaries I enjoy it very much.  I used http://www.lunapic.com/editor/ to create my …

  9. shenika1987

    Truthful Movie Poster


    I chose to do this assignment because I feel that if I can save one person some time out of their life by not watching a film that was not worth the material it was recorded on then I feel good. I like how this assignment let us decide what …

  10. shenika1987

    My Big Break


    I finally got my big break in the music industry and took over the design of my first album.  Of course this will be true to me and what I live for.  I chose a picture that I had from the Universal Soul Circus with my mini family.  We had …

  11. shenika1987

    Project Contribution


    Hello All,

    I am really excited about this project now that I have time to focus on it.  I will be contributing to the project by discussing Fall Decor and inspirations.  I am really excited about this because it ties into the tradition of Thanksgiving and just the mood of …

  12. shenika1987

    Week 5 Summary


    I would have to start off by saying thanks for the extra credit opportunity that was posted on Twitter. I am not much of a Twitter person and to get rewarded for utilizing the site and a big thumbs up in my book.  I would have to say that this …

  13. shenika1987

    Splash of Color


    I have never done anything like this before and I would see this effect and thought to myself how cool is that.

    My inspiration is simple and like always my child… he makes me smile when I am down and naturally he is the only thing in my cellphone lol!!!…

  14. shenika1987

    Daily Creates


    I was trying my hardest to be excited this week about the daily create selections but I was stomped when it came to finding a bald headed person in my life and I was amazed at how I don’t hardly know any.

    You can never have too much yellow is …

  15. shenika1987



    Wow how can I start to describe this project?
    As I read the directions for this assignment I thought that I was going to nail it but when my 20 minutes started it was like my creative mine drew a blank. I chose to do my blitz at home which …

  16. shenika1987

    Radio Bumper


    I had never heard of the term radio bumper prior to this course which I have to say was a very interesting task of me even deciding what to do.

    I had a great time listening to others creativity I came across someone’s bumper from earlier this year that used …

  17. shenika1987

    Weekly Summary:Week 4


    Week 4 was a interesting week beign since I have never worked with audio editing before.

    I had no idea of the amount of work that goes into making even the simpliest sound bit. 

    This week we received information on our group project, and I did not reply to the …

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