1. shenika1987

    Sound Story


    I created a story with 5 sounds I hope that you enjoy it took me a few days to even decide what I was going to do.


  2. shenika1987

    Daily Creates Week 4


    It’s official daily creates are now my favorite things to do!!!!!
    I find it the most interesting when I look around my home or at my son and it something that I had already done and just never thought anything of it especially it being any form of art. This …

  3. shenika1987

    Listening to DS106 Radio


    Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Can you dig it? (YAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!)

    I tried tuning in several times this week but managed to miss all the live broadcasts but I would have to say that I did not mind listening to a hour of that great upbeat music… This …

  4. shenika1987

    Listening to Stories


    I listened to The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar which I have to say was a very interesting story.

    I think it was very effective to tell the story in audio because I also read it in print and the story with the music and voice dynamics really brings it to …

  5. shenika1987

    Audio Storytelling


    From listening to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad I learned some key points on Audio Storytelling.

    Ira Glass states that the important thing is to understand the building blocks of a story.  Make it different from what you learned in high school.  There are two different building blocks the antidote …

  6. shenika1987

    Kurt Vonnegut


    This assignment was the hardest for me to do because I never thought of a story this way.  But it makes so much sense… I seem to think all the time while watching a movie that it is predictable and often I Wiki the ending of movies before it reaches …

  7. shenika1987

    Exploring Daddy’s Hat


    I found this to be a very fun Assignment. I looked to the example provided on Professor’s blog and I had my light bulb moment.  I was sure since I am a mom that I captured 5 photos for one single event and that I had it in my phone …

  8. shenika1987

    Daily Creates Week 3!


    I have to say that I am starting to enjoy these daily creates more and more even more so to that fact that I don’t know what to expect each day when I log on daily.

    I find that it is easier for me to just look at the topic …

  9. shenika1987

    What Storytelling Means To Me!


    Hello Everyone,
    It has been a long long week for me.
    I lost internet service at my house and Comcast kept not showing up for the scheduled appointments which means that I cannot do my work (enough venting!)

    Storytelling to me means to engage someones imagination and to deliver a …

  10. shenika1987

    Weekly Summary 2


    Congratulation Solider (that being me!!) you have just completed week 2 of Boot camp!! (Drops to the ground exhausted!!!) I would have to say that I kept up the assignment posting going bullet by bullet ensuring that I completed each and every step and assignment that was presented to me …

  11. shenika1987

    Daily Creates


    This week I ran into some creative issues with the daily Create assignments I lost my creative mojo this week (lol!) I did however settle on 2 daily creates I decided to submit the blurred photo and I drew a tribute album cover. I must warn you ahead of time …

  12. shenika1987

    GIF created by the one and only!!!


    When I saw that we had to create a GIF I had to find out what exactly a GIF was.

    Being the inquisitive person that I am I had to research and find out what it was before I could figure out how to create one.   From doing my research …

  13. shenika1987

    Creative Commons


    Can you imagine coming up with the best idea that has ever been created in history and someone else get the recognition for it simply because you did not copyright your idea.  I don’t know about anyone else but it would drive me crazy to know that someone else took …

  14. shenika1987

    Week 1 Summary


    Hello DS106,

    This week has been one of the most busiest weeks that I have had in a very long time!!!!!!!

    I am training on a new job, learning my way around campus, and not to mention still balancing my family life.

    But nonetheless let us jump right in to …

  15. shenika1987

    Intro to Shenika Rich


    Hello Class,

    I am a junior at UMW majoring in Political Science.  I work full-time, go to school full-time, and I am a full-time mom of a busy 2 year old.  He is my hobby as well as my everything so much so that I don’t have much time to …

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