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    Something creepy I wrote for Halloween and totally forgot to post! Since I’m between writing projects now, I may explore some new stuff for a minute. That is, if Diana’s As-Yet-Unnamed Fantasy Novel Volume Deux doesn’t forcibly crawl out of my head. _________________________________________

    I jam the key in the lock …

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    I Wrote a Book Once


    On November 30th, 2015, I finished the first draft of my book.

    It was a hot fucking mess.

    On January 2nd, 2016, I finished my first run of edits on aforementioned book. That run of edits included a near-total re-write of the first half of the manuscript, roughly 200 pages …

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    We are WAY Overthinking This


    It’s gotten to the point where my work neighbor asks me how my book is coming along on Monday mornings. Because she knows that I’ve spent hours of my weekend staring at a screen and resisting the urge to scream and tear my hair out editing the damn thing.

    Today …

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    Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

    Looking back at the first draft like…

    I want to say I’m moving at a snail’s pace with this book editing, but I have to give myself some credit. I’ve completely rewritten the beginning, up through Chapter 13. Being that I started sometime in January, that’s a little less than …

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    There Will Always Be Summer.


    My cells will always remember summer as it was, before summer vacations vanished. The freedom, unadulterated time to write, and play, and reminisce, and look forward. Because of the interruption of daily life, they stand out as so much more special than any other season. Even in California, where the …

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    Bad Poem Blues


    When I was younger, I would get the urge to write poems when I had particularly strong feelings about things.

    I’m proud to say that I can now successfully suppress that urge.

    Believe me, nobody wants to read the poetry I crank out when I’m actually feeling bad enough to …

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    The Ballad of Showtunes Crazy McCat Lady


    Nothing is more humbling than crashing through the bushes late on a Thursday night because you have to rescue your cat from certain doom.

    We’ve discussed Koji before. He’s not super bright. God love him, he’s got all sorts of other fabulous qualities, like his crazy soft baby fur and …

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    What Is This Blog Even For? Seriously?


    So. . . I don’t really post here much anymore. Not because I don’t *want* to, but because every ounce of writing energy I have has been going into finishing my book.

    Bearing that in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of ruminating on why I have a blog at …

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    Contra Clickbait 2015-10-25 22:26:00


    “I won’t let you be my next regret.”

    I jam the shovel into the cool October earth. The rusted metal scrapes rocks, and the sound sets my teeth on edge. Hefting, I manage a scoopful of wet dirt and dump it on his chest, earthworms and all.

    He laughs drunkenly. …

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    Skateboard the Philosopher


    Skateboard’s family came to visit this weekend. They arrived as I was puffing and wheezing home from my run. As I sat on my couch, guzzling water, sweating and congratulating myself for exercising for the first time in weeks, I heard the approach. . .

    “So did you go out …

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    Sex and the City- Carrie Was the Problem.


    Due to spotty internet and my tendency to indulge in a series I’ve already watched as a form of mental comfort food, I’ve been re-watching Sex and the City.

    Those of you who haven’t watched Sex and the City are excused.

    Anyway, I’ve been tossing this idea around …

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    Ode to Skateboard and Belch


    New neighbors- oh, the excitement!

    A roll of the dice. Divination based on furniture.

    Would our destiny be a pair of neighbors both quiet and fair?

    With noise levels never breaching the paper walls

    And soirees never ending later than 9pm?

    We threw ourselves at the mercy of the Fates…

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    The Other Shoe


    As a chronic worrier, I have to remind myself that I have thus far survived every major crisis life has thrown at me. I could even argue that these crises have left me stronger. It’s like playing a video game- every boss battle gives you XP and loots, and you …

  14. silverember

    Toxic Funk


    Times like these, I understand why people believe in God. Any God. I get it. It would be nice to know that some higher, wiser force is in charge. That the madness, and the not-madness, it’s all leading up to something.

    I could use just a moment of that faith.…

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    Shit Sandwich


    Bad things will always happen. It’s a simple truth about life. Things break, relationships fall apart, people die.

    What defines us is how we comport ourselves when everything seems to be going to hell. In the dark, awful moments, it’s hard to stand up and keep moving. But I always…
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    We’re Gonna Take This Town Back


    A lot of people talk about writing as though it’s a great mystery. I always thought it was rather simple. You sit, you think, words trickle out of your fingertips. Sometimes they come together to form a cohesive thought, though nearly just as often you’re simply knocking out cobwebs or …

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    Why I Refuse to Contour


    Look, all makeup is a lie. I get that. That said, contouring is a step too far.

    Though I am a big, huge fan of makeup, I hit critical mass somewhere around 24. Before that, it was a natural progression. It started with lip gloss in middle school, mostly because …

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    Why I Gave Up on Being Cool


    Confession: I am not cool. There was a time when I tried, and I cared, and you know what? It was a complete waste of time. I don’t have the best taste in music, the most exciting interests and hobbies, or the most fashion-forward taste in clothes. I’m not sure what Coachella …

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    Shoulds and Wants


    There have been a series of moments that I’ve held up to the light and examined closely for clues that I am truly a fully fledged adult. Most of them were superficial.

    I’ve mentioned before that I showed signs of real adulthood when appliances and other housewares (towels, sheets) made …

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    Answers to Questions Nobody Asked


    Here we are again. I’m banging my head against a wall trying to dream up content and my thoughts kind of feel the way a child’s playroom looks. I’m the exhausted mother kind of stumbling around picking things up and having no clue where to put them.

    This week I’ve …

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    The Exhausted Blog


    I’ve had one of those weeks where you hit a brick wall and just say, “No thanks. I need to be alone.” Some people call it being “socially bankrupt”. I hear that. I need a minute.

    Writers are observational by nature, so maybe what I’m going through is normal but …

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    The Graveyard


    I don’t know what this means, or if it has to mean anything, but I’ve written and abandoned six different pieces on this blog. They sit in limbo, waiting to be either finished or deleted, and will most likely sit there forever.

    I think the hardest thing about being a …

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    Live From My Death Bed


    The idea of a sick day is always rather romantic in theory. Tea and blankets, books, Netflix, someone to take care of you and all the guiltless napping you can muster.

    In reality, being sick is the worst. Being home sick would be pretty swell if only your whole body …

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    You know you’re in trouble when you don’t know how to start.

    I feel as though- in hindsight- I’m always seeing the past as strange, or disjointed. The past couple of months have been just that, and more. They have been happy, busy, and full of change. Good change, but…
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    Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Facebook!

    In defense of everybody (myself included) who hopped on social media mere moments after the earthquake this morning, I have this to say: In California, we live in constant fear of “the Big One”. I very firmly believe that you pick which natural disasters you want to live with. Every…
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    I Call Bullshit on Adulthood


    I’m not sure what heralded my (long overdue) emergence from the happy waters of childhood into the super lame ocean that is adulthood. It could have been the first time I asked for an appliance for Christmas. Or the first time I GOT one and was excited about it (hand …

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    Why I May Never Lose Weight, Part 1


    Let’s cut right to the chase: salads bum me out.

    There’s nothing worse than toiling through a morning at work and having nothing to look forward to but a pile of vegetables for lunch. Give me a sandwich and a bag of chips any day. Heck, just give me the …

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    Creative Differences


    A few months ago, I bought a pair of concert tickets.

    This was a big deal. See, I haven’t been to a “buy tickets ahead of time” kind of show since 2007, when Serj Tankian went solo (which, despite my initial misgivings, was totally awesome). Since then, I’ve glanced at…
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    Sugar, Sparkles, Boom.


    Bodies are strange, interesting things. Some people get away with essentially eating whatever they want and never see a negative consequence for it.  These people suck and I hate them.

    I recently found myself staring down a drastic diet change.  Being a light eater at a healthy weight, I haven’t …

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