1. silverember

    Phantom of the Opera in 30 Seconds

    Last night, Kel and I re-watched the Phantom of the Opera. Of course, whenever you re-watch something with a good friend you end up quoting most of the movie, bs-ing and laughing hysterically. That said, quoting most of Phantom requires ridiculous operatic singing, which was totally fun. We actually listened…
  2. silverember

    This is Dylan.


    He has a lot of feelings.

    Like a lot of characters in my brain, he has a lot of stories to be told. That said, my ability to draw on tablet is rusty at best (as evidenced by the class A art you see up there) so his full-length comics …

  3. silverember

    Furry Douchebag Roommate


    Let me start this story by saying that I love my cat.

    That said, my cat is a furry douchebag. Pets are odd creatures. Part child, part roommate, part friend, they possess an odd combination of needs, benefits, and bizarre drawbacks.  Cats, for instance, need a box to shit in.…

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