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  1. sking2

    Out On The Verge;

    This is the reflection for the commercial, the show clip, and  the bumper I made. BUMPER This was harder than I thought, not because of the difficulty of piecing sounds […]
  2. sking2


    Ich spreche Deutch.   Naturally, I found a joke in German (Make Em Laugh, 2.5 Stars). It’s been a year since I’ve had class, so please forgive my pronunciations. This […]
  3. sking2

    Daily Creates, Week 6

    #tdc1359 Combine your favourite logos: @ds106dc #tdc1359 RIVALS — Stephanie King (@Musicxlifenlove) September 28, 2015   2. #tdc1361 Upside down day! @ds106dc #tdc1361 — Stephanie King (@Musicxlifenlove) September 30, […]
  4. sking2

    More Blitzing;

    This time, it’s a design blitz! Considering all I have done this week is school and work, I found this actually challenging. Waiting till today made it somewhat easier, since […]
  5. sking2

    Bow Barista;

    I am the bow barista; I wear hairbows to work! It’s my hashtag on instagram. Why not make a business card (2 Stars) for myself? To start, I opened CS2 and […]
  6. sking2

    I’m Leslie Knope;

    Parks and Recreation is my favorite (FAVORITE) show. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal, I’m sure of it. So, naturally, I wanted to create a bumper sticker (4.5 Stars) with one […]
  7. sking2

    Stylin’ pup;

    The new iPhone has a fabulous camera! I snapped a picture of my old soul, Cami, the first night I had my new phone. She jumped up on my bed and just […]
  8. sking2

    Ds106 Wallpaper;

    The sample photo for this assignment (4.5 Stars) made me think of outer space, so I made my own version! I used Pixlr, just like I did with the lyrical poster. I […]
  9. sking2

    My Darling;

    My favorite song for the longest time now has been On The Wing by Owl City. So, naturally I chose it for my lyric typography poster (4 stars)! To make […]
  10. sking2

    Love at first [shot]

    *A daughter asking her dad about his painting* “what was the inspiration for this one?” “you see, my dear, it was a cloudy day in mid-May. I was sitting outside […]
  11. sking2

    Week 5, a Summary;

    Visual week. So far my favorite! As I’ve said before, and as it says in my About Me, I love pictures. Instagram is my hobby. No shame, I bought the newest […]
  12. sking2


    My little brother is a freshman at Shenandoah University. Today, I had a day off, and we (being my mom, dad, boyfriend, and I) decided to go and see him. […]
  13. sking2

    Clouds in my coffee;

    Find something in your house. Take a picture. Let your imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as you can think of. Help others see what’s in your head. Coffee. […]
  14. sking2

    Week 4, a summary;

    I love Radiolab. I have said that before, but I truly do. That being said, I quite enjoyed this weeks “intro to audio” theme for our assignments! I had never […]
  15. sking2

    Radiolab Story;

    For the “listening to stories” section, I chose Radiolab because I love Radiolab. I listened to a Radiolab post for Biopsychology last week and fell in love with their style. […]

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