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    why did you drop out of yale!


    Choose one of your favorite movie quotes and insert the quote over an image from the movie you chose.


    For this assignment, I actually used a TV show, Gilmore Girls, because I quote it a lot. In this scene, Jess was yelling at Rory for dropping out of Yale …

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    contradiction creation


    Create some sort of graphic. Design the overall graphic to convey some sort of feeling or theme, but then have text saying something completely contradictory to the theme or feeling. Sort of like one of those old anti-motivational posters, but with more design than a black box with a white …

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    donate for parkinson’s research!


    Create an ad to inform people about a charity and encourage them to donate.


    For this assignment, I created an ad for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. I used Canva, which I just learned how to use!

    I liked this background template that they had, …

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    poetry art & design


    This is building off of the Poetry Art assignment and is an exercise how design choices can change a message. Put your selected poem together with a background that emphasizes the message. Then make 3 different versions by varying the typeface, type layout, and type color to see how …

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    radio show ideas


    I think we could do a radio show listening to one of Bob Ross’s videos, and commenting on how his inspiration guides our class and contributes to our theme. Or, the whole show could just be a conversation about his ideas relating to class, citing some of his videos. A …

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    it’s spooky season!


    Within this assigment, you must find some spooky sounds and create a scary audio clip. Select more than four sounds and overlap them on a program like Audacity. You can use Freesound to select your sounds. Make them as spooky as possible. Good luck!


    I loved this assignment! I …

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    worst sound ever


    Create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever.


    For this assignment, I tried to come up with the worst sounds I could think of to make one giant auditory hell. It …

  8. @skyler0455

    moon graffiti


    I listened to “Moon Graffiti,” which employed sound effects and changes in sound to tell the story ‘what if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually crashed on the moon?’ I thought the techniques they employed to illustrate the story were very interesting and creative. In the beginning, alarming …

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    ds106 radio


    Monday’s ds106 radio show was very interesting. It was not at all what I was expecting (although I didn’t really know what to expect haha). We listened to an analysis that reflected on climate change through using an old radio show. It demonstrated how sound art in the old radio …

  10. @skyler0455

    ew david!


    Create 4-6 gifs from your favorite TV show


    For this assignment, I chose Schitt’s Creek.

    I first looked through a few videos to find this YouTube video that I could pull clips from. Then, I went to the Giphy website, and spent time finding the right times and durations …

  11. @skyler0455

    what once was


    I’ve been listening to Her’s a lot recently. I think I found them on Tiktok. I made a gif of them performing the song “What Once Was” through the Giphy website, which wasn’t too complicated:

    First, I search the YouTube video, then uploaded the link to Giphy, and created the …

  12. @skyler0455

    two roles of timothee chalamet


    We all know actors and actresses who have starred as many roles. Choose an actor or actress and at least two roles. Incorporate these two roles into a GIF. It’s challenging, but I know you can do it!


    For this assignment, I used two roles from Timothee Chalamet. The …

  13. @skyler0455

    the due date is when??


    For this assignment, I had wanted to tell a story using gifs. I chose the story of me realizing that a ds106 due date is coming up, and I haven’t finished the work!

    For this assignment, I used Giphy to search for gifs that I thought would be able …

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    This was the photoblitz assignment. The goal was to complete this list of photo ideas under 20 minutes. This assignment had me running around to find the right pictures, which I was not expecting but I think it turned out okay!

    Rule of thirds shot.

    I googled the rule of

  15. @skyler0455

    becoming a better photographer


    Based on this resource, here the connections I found with the following photos. These are not my own photos, but ones that I looked for specifically that I think display some of the qualities and tips we are focusing on.

    In this picture above, I can see that the lighting …

  16. @skyler0455

    photo reflection


    I like taking photos to document what is going on in my life and the things that I am doing. I like being able to look back on memories through pictures. I usually take pictures with other people, like friends or family when we go out or have events. It’s …

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    I just finished watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. The storyline follows a famous family that loses their money. They are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a small town that they bought as a joke gift.

    Since there are 6 seasons on Netflix, the characters go through a lot over …

  18. @skyler0455

    the end is for everything


    This assignment, “The End is For Everything,” was about putting ourselves into the perspective of non-human things or beings:

    “When the apocalypse happens, it won’t just happen to humans. Everything on Earth will feel the effects. Write a story from the perspective of a non-human thing or being. …

  19. @skyler0455

    a conversation between a tree and a squirrel


    “Hey Tyler, you don’t look so good.”

    “Hey Sam, I don’t feel good. It hasn’t rained in way too long. What are you doing here?”

    “Oh no! I’m just out here looking for acorns, but there is a pond not too far from here, maybe I could try to bring …

  20. @skyler0455

    a haiku of emotions


    For this writing assignment, I had to read the poem shown about emotions, then think about how I am feeling today and write a poem about my own feelings.

    I was inspired by a past Daily Create assignment about writing a haikus, so I wrote one about my emotions. …

  21. @skyler0455

    guess the myth!


    For this assignment, I had to use at least five GIFs to tell a myth, folklore, or legend. I went with a common myth I heard growing up all the time at school. Can you tell what it is?

    Did you get it? The myth was:

    “Don’t step on …

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    the new girl towel scene


    This assignment was very entertaining. It said to make an animated .gif of “something pop-culture centric.”

    One of the most popular scenes in the tv show New Girl is ‘the towel scene’. In this scene, Schmidt realizes that he and his apartment-mate, Nick, have been using the same towel.

    I …

  23. @skyler0455

    It’s a Great Day For Sporting GIFs


    This assignment, “It’s A Great Day for Sporting GIFs,” required me to create a GIF.

    “Explosive action, athleticism, skill, strategy, teamwork, triumph, and repetition are some elements that make up a sporting activity. Choose a sporting activity and then make an animated gif that represents one or more of these …

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