1. Samantha Louk

    My Final Project in a Nutshell


    I wanted to artistically portray various aspects of my daily commute for my final project. I also wanted to illustrated some of the new things I have learned in the course, so I tried to have a variety in the types of assignments. So of the things I completed, I …

  2. Samantha Louk

    How to embed a playlist in your blog


    The way I embedded my playlist was by creating a membership at Grooveshark.com

    Once I created an account, I had to then create a playlist. From the drop-down menu under your username on the right side of the screen, click ‘Playlists’ then click ‘New Playlist’

    Add whatever music you would …

  3. Samantha Louk

    Final Project


    So when you commute for three hours a day you have a lot of time to think. And a lot of time I think about my brother. He is in Afghanistan right now and always find myself looking out the window and wonder what he is doing. So I wrote …

  4. Samantha Louk

    Final Project


    This is an infographic/ visual aid for new Metro riders. I know one of the first things I had trouble learning was the walk on the left side of the escalator and to stand on the right. If you mess that up, people get really angry with you. Maybe this …

  5. Samantha Louk

    Final Project


    So every since I was young (ok, like 13, so not that young) I have liked to make weird and useless things out of clay. I have made tiny food (which included popcorn, a hot dog with ketchup and mustard and a can of coke), I have sculpted my friends …

  6. Samantha Louk

    Final Project


    Here is a GIF of the train coming into Union Station on a particularly gloomy day. I think the weather suits the station, which is dark, rusty, and dirty. I swear if you look closely enough you can see the clouds moving across the sky too, but that may just …

  7. Samantha Louk

    Cat Breading Tutorial


    Cat bread is an ancient art that has been practiced for dozens of months, possibly even years. It takes time and perseverance to appropriately bread a cat, but luckily I can help you with that.

    What you will need:

    Slice of bread Cat Courage


    Oven mitt Band-aids Neosporin General…
  8. Samantha Louk

    Mash-Up Tutorial


    First find the clips from whatever show or movie you are pulling from on YouTube.Copy and paste the URLs from the videos into keepvid.com. You can choose what to convert the video into on the site. Choose an audio file such as an MP3.

    Finally, open the MP3s in …

  9. Samantha Louk

    Final Project: Heads and Horizons


    When I started riding the train at the beginning of the semester I immediately noticed the stark contrast between the interior of the train and the scenery through which it was traveling. I couldn’t understand why other passengers were not fascinated by the awesome sights just out the window. While …

  10. Samantha Louk

    Video Assignment 274: Cookin Cookin


    For this video I made a cooking show for how to make an omelet. My inspiration was delicious omelets!

    How I made it: 

    First I shot everything of my cooking and prepping for the omelet. Then I imported it into my computer and into iMovie. I added titles with instructions …

  11. Samantha Louk

    Mashup Assignment 125: Juno: The Dark Chapter


    For this assignment I wanted to give the movie Juno a little bit of a different vibe. I was inspired by apocalyptic movies and pulled a scene or two from the trailer for The Road. In hindsight, I wish I had used the trailer for Alien or something like that, …

  12. Samantha Louk

    Final Project


    So if you have met me in real life, you have probably heard me going on about riding the train and going to DC three days a week. Basically, I spend 10 hours a week commuting to and from DC for an internship. Its a lot. Anyway, I wanted my …

  13. Samantha Louk

    Digital Story Compilation


    I am lucky in that I have a ds106 folder where I keep everything I have made for the class. I dug through there and pulled out the pieces I am the most proud of. I dragged each of them individually into iMovie, arranged them the way I wanted, added …

  14. Samantha Louk

    The Silent Tenebaums


    For this project I imported a clip from my favorite film, The Royal Tenenbaums.  In the scene, Eli, a family friend of the Tenenbaums is high on opium and crashes his car into their house. Eli narrowly misses the two boys, Ari and Uzi, and their father is extremely angry …

  15. Samantha Louk

    The Kuleshev Effect


    I would suggest watching this with no sound. When I was editing in iMovie, there was no sound and then when I just uploaded it to YouTube there was sound again and it doesn’t make much sense. Anyway I ripped the videos from YouTube using keepvid.com. Then I trimmed …

  16. Samantha Louk

    Silencing my Favorite Film


    I will make the film black and white and distort it a little to fit the era. Most of the the film can be understood without any dialogue and I would like to refrain from putting subtitles in most of it, however, there is one line I would like to …

  17. Samantha Louk

    Scene from Scream!


    When I originally saw this project I wanted to do the scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho, but I thought that might not be very original and I was resistant to being topless on screen (assuming I was acting) so I went with Wes Craven’s Scream. That way I only have to …

  18. Samantha Louk

    Analyzing Rear Window


    So my Mama bought Alfred Hitchcock’s Masterpiece Collection DVD set a few months ago and I recently borrowed it and have spent the last few weeks consuming a ton of suspense and horror. Probably one of my favorite Hitchcock films is Rear Window. I love Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly (omg), …

  19. Samantha Louk

    Audio Assignment 89: Mashin



    I was inspired to do this because I have favorite parts in every song. LIttle did I know how short a second was though. Anyway, the title of this project is “The Contest Nobody Could Win” and I believe that is true for my project. Good luck. It …

  20. Samantha Louk

    Design Assignment 329: I LOVE HAM!


    Ponyo, fish/girl/fishgirl, is the cutest thing ever. She loves ham a lot and yells about it a lot in the film so naturally it should be in the title! You will see the truth in the poster if you see the movie!…

  21. Samantha Louk

    Design Assignment 149: Who da hell?


    Can you see who doesn’t fit? Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite shows and I decided to add one of my favor actors into the mix! I am still getting the hang of this photo editing business, but I am having fun!…

  22. Samantha Louk

    Design Assignment 322: Dark Lord Inc.


    Well when I saw this assignment I immediately knew I had to do one for the ultimate bad guy… Voldemort! I wanted the design to be simple, dark and somewhat elegant. I used the Dark Mark because that is a pretty recognizable symbol (at least for younger generations) and that …

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