1. smreutter15

    Beat Craig’s List


    This assignment was to find an ad on Craig’s List and record it like a beat poem, adding jazz accents. This is the ad that I found about a broken tv:

    I found some jazz accents on freesound.org and uploaded it into audacity. Then I recorded myself reading the ad. …

  2. smreutter15

    Design Week


    I definitely feel like I stepped up my ds106 game a bit this week and put more effort into my assignments. Here’s what I’ve done this week.

    Video Discussion

    I participated in my second video discussion this week. I did season 2 episode 10 where we all chose 2 screenshots …

  3. smreutter15

    Design Blitz


    Typography is the “visual component of the written word.” Signs, logos, it’s all topography. I chose to show this element of design with the F-150 logo of my dad’s truck. I believe this represents the car brand because it uses a bold font with a heavy weight. You wouldn’t want …

  4. smreutter15

    TDC 1000


    I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, but the daily create was to celebrate the 1000th TDC! Here’s a collage I made with the pic stitch app on my phone of some past daily creates.

  5. smreutter15

    McNulty Love


    I was very excited I was able to have an excuse to crop myself into a picture with Dominic West. The assignment was to crop yourself into a picture with a celebrity, so to relate this to The Wire and just to show everyone how great we look together I …

  6. smreutter15

    One Story, 4 Icons


    This design assignment was to chose 4 icons to summarize a movie or show into 4 basic icons and have others guess. Since I want to relate it to The Wire, I’m just going to let you know I chose season 2 episode 9 and explain why I picked these …

  7. smreutter15

    Trace Yourself!


    I did today’s daily create which was to trace a picture of myself. I used a picture with my brother and I from my high school graduation. I actually really like how this trace looks! I didn’t want to mess it up by trying to trace facial features, but I …

  8. smreutter15

    McNulty the Dog


    This assignment was to take someone’s head and put it on an animal or vise-versa. Since we all know when it comes to Jimmy McNulty and women he’s a dog. We also have seen the common theme of dogs howling during scenes with him. I decided to take a picture …

  9. smreutter15

    The Starry Night at the Railroad Tracks


    The Creative Mashup was an assignment to mix up a classical painting with a scene from The Wire. Since McNulty and Lester always go to the railroad tracks at night, I stitched together a scene of them at the tracks with Van Gough’s “The Starry Night.” I just used paint …

  10. smreutter15

    Guess the Song


    The assignment was to create an image of a popular song while also including a picture of myself. This assignment was worth 3 stars, but it took me forever since I figured I’d start using GIMP instead of just sticking to paint and making sloppy pictures. Here’s a little on …

  11. smreutter15

    Let’s get visual


    So this week I caught the UMW plague so I was basically immobile for 3 days and I definitely think that effected my work. I wish I spent more time doing these assignments, but here’s what I have to show.

    Live Tweeting The Wire: No sound

    Last week was only …

  12. smreutter15

    My Favorite Lyric


    3 and a half stars. This is one of my favorite lyrics. It’s from a Dave Matthews song, Lie in Our Graves. I found this photo on flickr and then just used Google Picasa editor to put the lyrics in. Dave Matthews in one of my favorite artists and …

  13. smreutter15

    Illustrating Odd Autocompletes






    2 and a half stars. This was a fun assignment. Google autocorrects are so funny, like the fact people actually search for these things scares me.

    I searched “I hate it when” and it finished with “I’m studying and a velociraptor throws.” What is he …

  14. smreutter15

    Me and Bae


    2 and a half stars. Originally T-Swift and Miley Cyrus, I now introduce me and my bae, Brittany. Brittany was my roommate sophomore year and the first person i ever lived with in my first house when I moved to college. We met on Craigslist when she was looking …

  15. smreutter15

    Wiggle Steroscopy











    Here’s my wiggle steroscopy!

    Basically it’s just a two frame gif. I took two pictures at slightly different angles and uploaded them as layers into GIMP. Then just exported it as a gif and here you have it. I do wish …

  16. smreutter15



    Here was my 20 minute Photoblitz challenge. I did it in about 18 minutes. It doesn’t give you much time to think about what you want to do, so it sparks some quick creativity! I was able to take all of these in my room.


    Today’s theme is “3”.…
  17. smreutter15

    Diving Into Audio!


    Live Tweeting

    One of our assignments for this week was to listen to just the audio from one of the episodes of The Wire and live tweet it. I listened to Season 2 Epsiode 3. I had not watched the episode prior to this assignment so there were some parts …

  18. smreutter15

    Greatest Hits


    Because uploading to SoundCloud was an infringement of copy rights, I had to upload it right to my blog. The assignment was to pick a band and create a mash-up of what we believe to be their greatest hits. For mine I chose the Arctic Monkeys. They’ve been one of …

  19. smreutter15

    Happy Belated National Dog Day


    Dogs are truly a girls best friend. They may seems big and scary, but these two are just lovable, playful, silly pups. Pepsi is on the right. She’s 8 and she is the boss of Luke,5 , on the left. She’s the more cuddly one and if she wants a …

  20. smreutter15

    School’s In!



    Since it was my first time using Audacity, I kept this clip short and sweet. The assignment was to tell a story using only sound effects. This tells the story of the morning of elementary school kids. They’re always so chatty in the morning. As the school bells rings, …

  21. smreutter15

    Don’t wait till Sunday


    ……. Yeah, yeah I know, but this week has been crazy. This Weekly Assessment is going to be have to be short and sweet. I’ve gotten hit in the head way too much this week, which is no excuse, but I’m doing what I can do get this assignment in …

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