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    Dead Giveaway


    Guess what song this is!

    Hint #1: You’ve heard this song at least 15 times

    Hint #2: This assignment is related to The Wire

    Hint #3: If you haven’t gotten it by now, you should probably rethink being in this class


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    McNulty, the Corrupt Spartan


    Long, long before Jimmy McNulty became a Baltimore Dectective, he was a corrupt Spartan politician. He was a very manipulative man who was bribed by the Persians to convince the Spartans not to go to war against Persia. Thousands of years later, he’s still a pretty arrogant guy. He’s disliked …

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    Triple Troll


    The original quote was said by Walon, a recovering heroin addict, to Bubbs at the Narcotics Anonymous meeting. I feel like this could also have been said by Kima showing Bubbs some tough love. Kima’s been through her fair share of struggles, although not drug related, she’d be one to …

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    So after initially spending about 3 hours trying to figure out how to make my first gif, I finally got it down and I am a gif-making pro now. Our assignment was to make 6 gifs from an episode of The Wire to summarize what that episode …

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    The Buys



    I loved this assignment! If you all could have seen the happy dance I did when I made my first gif. I find this class very rewarding when I’m able to create things I never knew how. I chose episode 3, The Buys for this assignment. I feel like these …

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    The Transit King


    Daily create #2!  The Lion King was my absolute favorite movie when I was a kid. I would have my mom replay the same scenes, constantly rewinding the VCR. Here’s my transit map!…

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    If today was a logo


    So since it’s about 100 degrees outside and I have no AC, my logo represents how I feel right about now. This is my first daily create assignment! I figured in order to keep it under 10 minutes I’d break out my colored pencils from high school and do something …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 1


    ……. I have finally finished the first 9 episodes of The Wire. Although I’m quickly realizing that the work for ds106 will be time consuming, I would have to say I am pretty privileged to be watching TV for homework. As an avid Netflix watcher, I tend to binge on …

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    UMW Women’s Rugby


    On November 10, 2013, University of Mary Washington beat Salisbury in the Women’s Collegiate Rugby conference and are advancing to Nationals in the Spring!

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