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    Finding hope in the land issue fear


    Land Expropriation is a thing we have to deal with in this New South Africa. It’s easy to slip into fear and be alarmist, but it’s a thing we have to deal with. It will slip into a race issue and will be about past sins, dignity, restoration, punishment and …

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    Sunday Night in Jhb


    It’s a cold Sunday Night in Johannesburg and a week of creativity comes to a close. As you may know if you have been following me, I have been participate (rather lightly) in the DS106 Digital Storytelling course, although this… Continue Reading →

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    You… Art…


    Art is artificial; a representational rendering of the real. Yes it is powerful, can sometimes move us more than the actual real, but this is because of the stylistic application which has been employed to create the rendering, which is… Continue Reading →

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