1. @StarTaytu

    Angry Birds


    This Wednesday I had the chance to tune in to the ds106 radio. It was very interesting seeing, well technically speaking… hearing the concepts of audio storytelling we learned about being put into play. The radio broadcast was about a movie made in the 1900’s called The Birds by Alfred …

  2. @StarTaytu

    Sorry Lil Mosey


    I had a lot of fun making my radio bumper and I am SO SO SO proud of how it turned out !!!

    The first thing I did was look for good background music. I wanted something upbeat. At first, I was going to go with Jazz but I couldn’t …

  3. @StarTaytu

    Life Time Supply of Cheese


    Audio storytelling is very popular not only in terms of radio but also in podcasts. Moon Graffiti is a prime example of audio storytelling. From the second I pressed play until the second the episode ended, I was hooked, I was invested, and I was engaged. Without being able to …

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    I Did NOT Sign Up for an Ear Surgery

    Creative Juices Flowing on the Daily

    I completed 3 daily creates this week!

    For the first daily create the objective was to post an image of us that is a reflection or a shadow. I choose this picture of me with a backward mirror selfie. I choose this picture because …

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    “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks”


    Emotional lyrics

    Choose an emotion (happy, sad, excited, hyper, sleepy, suprised, inspired, ect..) and then choose three songs that elect that emotion. Name emotion, the song, and why it makes you feel that way. This can be done in three seperate tweets to allow for character count. Have fun with …

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    Fate or Luck


    Outline a long-form story that you might use for a final project idea. What is a story you would like to tell? Think of something that matters to you, something you care about or want to know about, but also consider how it needs to be relevant to an audience. …

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    Maleficent or Magnificent?


     Pick a story, in any medium, that is important to you in some way, and revisit it with an analytical eye. What makes it a good example of storytelling?

    Bring it all together: How do the ideas in the readings and video apply to your chosen story? How would you …

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    I’m a “hughes” fan of Hughes


    My junior year of high school, my IB literature teacher did a poetry unit on Langston Hughes in honor of Black History Month. I spent those couple of months reading up on Hughes poems and I was so intrigued by the way his words painted a picture, spoke to me, …

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    Pretty in Yellow-My Vogue Cover


    I was scrolling for a while, looking for the perfect assignment for me to do. When I saw the Vogue challenge let me just say I was intrigued. As someone who loves a good photoshoot, I was down for the challenge. The assignment’s instructions were to take a picture and …

  10. @StarTaytu

    10 things I HATE about you


    For my assignments this week, I have already completed a writing assignment so I decided to pick an assignment from the visual assignments. As someone who sends gifs in the middle of texting to express my reaction, I was intrigued by the “Say it Like the Peanut Butter” assignment which …

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    I will follow the tide


    Normally, while I study or do homework, I play instrumental music in the background to help me focus. While I was shuffling between playlists today, I stumbled on an ocean sounds white noise video on YouTube. (Ok? And? … just keep reading. this will make more sense when you read …

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    Mama Medusa- TDC


    Magic Realism Bot Tweeted, “A depressed queen receives an unusual gift from her mother: An eel covered in pearls.”

    A depressed queen receives an unusual gift from her mother: An eel covered in pearls.

    — Magic Realism Bot (@MagicRealismBot) January 10, 2022

    The first thing I envisioned when I saw …

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    Biggest Book in the World-TDC

    January 18, 2022

    For today’s Daily Create, my answer was simple. There was a huge book. It needed a title. The only possible title that came to mind was Words Unspoken. I believe the thoughts we keep to ourselves and the words that remain unspoken are so vast that all …

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    BlockChain Shcmock Chain -TDC

    January 18, 2022

    The daily create for today was why a block of chains was important. The first thing that came to mind was friendship bracelets and necklaces that my best friend and I used to make as kids.

    My best friend and I have known each other since the …

  15. @StarTaytu

    Week 1: Got My Uggs Muddy in Bootcamp


    This week was a crazy rollercoaster ride. I am so SO SO glad, the Canvas page was posted before the start of the semester. When I first saw the Canvas page I was actually still on my trip in Ethiopia so I used the things around me to start my …

  16. @StarTaytu

    Hello, or should I say Selam!

    January 6, 2022

    Welcome to Taytu Star, meet your Blogger! I’m currently blogging from my birthland, Ethiopia. Get to know the different aspects of what makes me who I am, through the lens of many different social media sources!!

    Saying hello to my fellow #ds106 peers from the capital of …

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