1. stefaniesophie

    Waiting for the Teddy Bear to save me

    Holidays. Eddi was bored. All her mates where off with their parents, travelling, seeing new worlds. Then again, she does not want to miss them. The last day in school before the holidays they had an excursion. At the station Eddi dared to tell that her father was the one…
  2. stefaniesophie

    Realness is just as Well

    As it is writing a comic needs a lot of time. That is the reason why I am starting to post a comic panel by panel from now. I hope I can make it daily, but who knows what live demands. Sometimes it might take a bit longer.  Enjoy (:…
  3. stefaniesophie

    What fate?

    The post tells you about John and Sarah Connor and the Terminator himself of Terminator 2 and how they relate to the theme of the movie “No fate but what we make for ourselves.”.  Sarah Connor knows about the future and that her son John will be a leading resistance…
  4. stefaniesophie

    Private Eye Nomi

    (PART 1)

    Call me Nomi, good?! I got a strange ring about half a year ago, you know? It was about my friend’s paintings. Call her my friend! We met at school in the evening for many years, but never get to know that well. She did not like my …

  5. stefaniesophie

    The Observer


    It isn’t a lie what I am telling you now. Believe it or not I do not tell the untruth. It was about winter 2006 when I got unemployed. I knew I just must do something to get out of my mind that I am one of THEM. It was …

  6. stefaniesophie

    My Name is Hunter


    Yesterday I found time to create inspired by one of the awesome ds106 dailycreates. Time and energy is tight at the moment in my live, but I realized I totally want to create even more western themed stuff. I will give it a try and here is my first …

  7. stefaniesophie

    A Remix Remix


    I am sure you have already listen to a remix where you can hear a song interrupted by someone saying something. This is exactly what the tutorial is about.

    I will create this kind of remix and by that telling you about the foundations of Audacity which is a sound …

  8. stefaniesophie

    One, Two, Wow!


    As an example of an assignment idea I have posted at the ds106 assignment bank, I have produced a piece of music, where you can hear a voice saying something over a beat.

    I used Soundation to create a beat and exportet this as a .wav to my computer. After this I loaded …

  9. stefaniesophie

    Music Production and Sharing


    A series of tutorials about how to produce pieces of music and how to share them on Soundcloud and Tumblr.

    The first video shows you how to find the download page from a great free sound editing software called Audacity.

    The next video shows you how to produce a beat with …

  10. stefaniesophie

    Hanna from Ghana


    I once read a novel by a white reporter who is living in South Africa. It was about a fair haired little girl who was adopted by white South Africans who admired the Nazi regime. Some day they had to face that the little girl is Jewish, which caused that …

  11. stefaniesophie

    Steps for making an Artful Video


    Get an idea and start planning!

    First for any artwork production is the idea. You might already have one. If not you might know about various brain storming techniques. However, even then you need a start.

    This can be a question, for example:

    I want to show my artist friends…
  12. stefaniesophie

    All my clothes are green ….


    I really may try the headless final. Who else? Please join!

    My character is going to be …, no my characters are colors and I will arrange about 4 to 5 images, Videos and audio pieces around a German children’s song.
    This song is still vivid in my memories …

  13. stefaniesophie



    I loved the title Song Visualization for one of the ds106 video assignments, which simply is making a music video.
    Still, music video is more associated with Rock, Pop and other music associated with watching cool and crazy people. I, however intended to visualize how color is mixed from 3 primary colors and this …

  14. stefaniesophie

    Lulu the green crane finally flys


    A stop motion animation.

    This is something many people already have done in one or another way, animating an origami crane. Then again this exactly may be the reason I also wanted to do it.

    I once wrote a story about a woman who meets a Japanese man and this …

  15. stefaniesophie

    German Ideal World Round


    Have you ever sung a canon with yourself?

    This is possible with a record of you singing the canon once. Afterwards you have to listen to yourself and to start the next recording when the next voice comes in.
    It is possible to cheat by recording the canon only once and copying it, …

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