1. stelford2018

    Weekly Summary Numero Cinco


    Where did the time go?! It’s hard to believe as I’m sitting here typing, that this is the last post I am making for this class! Though, I encountered a few setbacks along the way, I am glad about what I am able to take away from this whole experience. …

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    Life of a Living Skeleton


    How could five whole weeks fly by so fast?! Well, here it is my final project!

    Where do I begin…? Inspiration perhaps? Okay.

    Me trying to be deep…and failing.







    Anyways, the inspiration for this big, final project stems from an animated movie- The Book …

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    How it’s Made: Final Project Part Five


    In another “design” portion of my final assignment, I decided to make a postcard with Pixlr.

    1.) I opened the Photo Editor, and I had a few select images I wanted to use for my postcard that represented both the character and the story.


    2.) On the bar located …

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    How it’s Made: Final Project Tutorial Four


    For the video portion, I used two programs that never fail to pull through for me – Powerpoint and Windows Live Movie Maker.

    I made a slideshow full of information about the character, along with personalizing it with pictures, and background elements.


    I saved the powerpoint file as a …

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    How it’s Made: Final Project Tutorial Two


    This is the second part to how I made the “visual” media for my final project. I want to show how I embedded a playlist into my post.

    The first thing I immediately went to was the “Add Media” button, which is located directly above the text space provided in …

  6. stelford2018

    How it’s Made: Final Project Tutorial One


    Hello! I decided to break up how I was able to create some of the media with my final project character into separate posts. This will allow me not to make a super long final project post and help organize it better.

    So this is the tutorial for how I …

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    Cereal Box Fun


    The best thing I can cook is cereal. It’s probably the only thing I can cook. I don’t know if people realize this but, I think cereal box covers are often overlooked. Yeah, they are not breakthrough designs but they have an iconic.

    All these characters are recognizable and famous…
  8. stelford2018

    Now you can be a Professional DJ (Well kind of)


    You can become a famous!

    Not this DJ… This one!

    But in all seriousness, let me get down to the real business- Making Your Own song. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t have the pipes of an angel so I opted to go the instrumental route, which, …

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    Weekly Sumary Numero Cuatro


    When I completed this week’s assignments I was a little relieved- I had never worked a movie program in my life. Though my final products didn’t turn out to be an Oscar winning film, I am glad that I got some basics out of how to use movie/ video editors. …

  10. stelford2018

    I Looked, I Listened, and I Analyzed.


    To be an amateur movie analyzer (is that even a thing?) I observed a scene from the movie- Gladiator.

    Let me split it up into the parts I observed.

    Part Uno: The Visual Aspect-

    Focusing on just the shots alone, I could tell that the scene was going to be …

  11. stelford2018

    Where Are they???


    So I did the “Where are they now?” (worth four stars) assignment. I used, of course, my favorite show Bob’s Burgers mainly because they are still kids and it’s just easier to build off of what might possibly happen to all of them in the future. I used Powerpoint and …

  12. stelford2018



    So I did the assignment- Opening Credits Redux (Worth 4 stars). At first, I had no clue or direction of what opening credits I wanted to redo, then I had an epiphany- let me remake the credits to an iconic TV Show- Friends. I will admit it is not at …

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    Anyone can be A Movie Critic


    Yes, anyone- Lady Gaga, Obama, your great aunt Belinda, anyone can read masterfully into movies with just the right amount of techniques. Roger Ebert, a film critic, and professor shares his tips to the- well inexperienced on how to analyze the scene to a television show or movie in his …

  14. stelford2018

    My Mush-Fest letter


    Where do I begin?

    Well first and foremost- there’s no single person I choose that personifies “special” to me. I have a lot of people that have really impacted the way I live, how I view things, and how I grow into the person I am becoming. Today’s daily create …

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    Weekly Summary Numero Tres


    This week’s assignments were tougher than I thought they would be, but I had a lot of fun using the applications and creating the audio. Audacity was a fairly simple and straight forward application I had to use, and the only problems I had this week were uploaded the final …

  16. stelford2018

    You Learn best from others


    When I observed other people’s blogs and their assignments, I appreciate how unique each one is. Even though, we don’t know each other or “go back to the good ol’ days”, I am able to tell a little about the kind of person they are. Mainly due to their interests, …

  17. stelford2018

    Learning is a Continuous Process


    I’ve said a numerous amount of times in my posts how much I was not thrilled in approaching this week’s work. I am not an “auditory” person. But, quite a few things over the week has shifted my opinion on audio storytelling quite a bit. First, by listening to Ira …

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    Let’s take it slow


    I began this assignment (worth 3 stars), with one thing in mind: to make the Game of thrones theme even more epic than it already is. How would I do this? By making the it go even slower!

    Look at that big, beautiful throne. I want it (Basically the plot…
  19. stelford2018

    Personal Anthem


    Howdy! (The Final Product is down below)

    For this assignment (worth 4 stars), I tried my hand at making my own personal theme. Is it good? Probably not, but the beat is pretty catchy!

    Everyone after they listen to my theme. Kidding.

    Coming up with a theme for myself was …

  20. stelford2018

    “Movies for your Ears”


    Can I just say, originally I thought I would not like this unit at all… but now I’m kind of in love with audio storytelling. For this reflection, we had to listen to a radio story and comment on the audio elements in the story. In my case, the series …

  21. stelford2018

    The wise words of Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad


    Over the past fifty years, Americans have gained a growing dependence on visual aides to tell a story (such as television shows, Netflix, and video games). But one source of media that has been neglected over the years are those of the radio/audio format. I will be the first to …

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