1. stelford2018

    Weekly Summary Numero Dos


    Coming into this week, I was feeling a little more confident in my ability to navigate and administrate my webpage. This week’s assignments, were interesting because it was an area I was interested in- the design aspect so learning and tinkering with some of the tools gave me a small …

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    Fashion Fun


    I love fashion. You can use the same principles of design and apply to fashion. You can see rhtym in the way dresses are draped or by their pattern. Symmetry and balance can be seen in some of the new things that walk down the runways among many other examples. …

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    What movie is this?!



    What movie is this?! I feel like I’m on a game show.

    For this assignment (worth two stars), we had to take four symbols that would represent the movie and whoever happens to stumble upon this post would have to guess what movie it is from. This goes back …

  4. stelford2018

    Missing: Tina’s Friend Fiction



    Tina Belcher: 13 year old student at Wagstaff and part time “Friend- Fiction” writer has suffered a traumatic event- her work has been stolen. Tina’s journals where all of her work is stored, was found to be missing last Friday evening.

    5/22/15: Tina Belcher comes home to her upstairs …

  5. stelford2018

    I’m actually a superhero


    For this assignment called Cartoon You (worth 3 and a half stars), we had to render a cartoon version of ourselves. This gave me the chance to make myself (and my dogs) superheros because, to be honest I do not lead an interesting life. So let me introduce you to …

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    I am feeling a bit lyrical today


    While, pictures can capture the attention, words can convey the message. That is the main take away I got from doing this assignment. For this assignment ( worth four stars), we were required to design a poster that illustrates a line from our favorite song. This was hard because I’m …

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    Gonzo the Great.











    Ah yes, Gonzo. So important, yet so under appreciated. I think the Muppet’s and Sesame Street, among many other shows are a staple to most millennials childhood. This is probably why, doing this assignment (worth 3 and a half stars) sparked …

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    Katy Kat


    Yes, I am a fan girl. I am fan girl and proud. I loved this assignment (worth 3 stars), we were supposed to create a GIF of a video from our favorite artist. For those who don’t know who I chose, it was Katy Perry and her video- “Hot N

  9. stelford2018

    Design Blitz


    Another week, another scavenger hunt, for this assignment we had to take four pictures of various objects that reflect the concepts of design- typography, color, rhythm, proportion, dominance, metaphors/symbols, form/function/message, and the use of space/minimalism.

    This blitz/scavenger hunt occurred in two places- a little dinky room in my house I …

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    Daily Create- 5/30/15


    What would I do if there was no Internet?

    Hide in a safe place because the world is probably in apocalyptic mode. Yes, I’d move to a barren place, where no one in their right mind would go…perhaps the Australian Outback?

    No but in all seriousness, I think in the …

  11. stelford2018

    Vignelli Reflection


    Being someone who is interested in Graphic Design, Vignelli’s Canon was an eye-opener and a great source for those who have a penchant for Graphic Design (Like myself) to read. Vignelli starts off by laying down three key aspects of design, those being Semantic, Syntactic, and Pragmatic. Like our previous …

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    Daily Create- 5/28/15


    You how the old saying goes:

    A memory that’s so vivid,
    it felt like it happened just
    the other day.
    A shy girl walking into a new place,
    a huge building.
    Exchanging nervous smiles and waves,
    to potential friends.
    Looking around like a lost child
    looking for their mother,
    Trying …

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    The Daily Create- 5/25/15


    “Oh…it’s you again.”

    Nice to see you.

    Actually, I was kidding- I hate you.You make things difficult for not only me, but everyone.

    You make things difficult for not only me, but everyone.

    You drag people out of bed.

    You make people angry, bummed out, stressed,

    Or all of the …

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    Weekly Summary Numero Uno


    Time to end week one with a weekly summary!

    Completing this week’s assignments was a huge learning process, and it’s only been one week so far. Nut, so far I have enjoyed many of the things I have done for the class and I can’t wait to see what else …

  15. stelford2018

    Reflection on the visual media material


    Over the week, our class has learned about not only how to tinker with our blog but about using visuals of any kind- such as mobile photos or drawn photos as a medium to use in media. While, in one of my previous posts I am not a celebrated world …

  16. stelford2018

    Spubble fun


    Ever been home alone and you just get the impulse to belt out all the songs you like? Well, I do. Sometimes, I do it a little too much and a bit loud. The other day I was walking out to my car after I belted out the main verses …

  17. stelford2018

    My thoughts on Visual Storytelling


    “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    This overused quote rings true when it comes to how one could describe the importance of visual storytelling. When one looks at a picture many thoughts and ideas come over there mind. They wonder what the person is feeling, the history/ background of …

  18. stelford2018



    I am no Annie Leibowitz, nor a Dorthea Lange. I’m an amateur. But we all got to start somewhere right? Of course, I and many others don’t have the resources or equipment to take “professional” pictures you see in the ads on Times Square. But that doesn’t stop me from …

  19. stelford2018

    Customizing the Blog


    Talk about being a little kid in a candy shop when it came to customizing my blog. Navigating around the customization tools on WordPress was easy. Although when it came to themes I was so indecisive about what to choose! The other fun part about customizing my blog was adding …

  20. stelford2018

    Putting Disney into Focus


    If there was an award (or participation badge) for being the biggest fan of Disney, I’d probably get it. As you can see, there’s a frying pan in the image above, for those of you who don’t know what movie that is from, it is from Tangled. But first, let …

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    Daily Create- 5/24/15


    The weather is amazing out! I took the liberty to help my mom outside today, in addition to getting some much-needed Vitamin B considering the fact I look like Caspar the Friendly ghost’s long lost sister. Also, I got a new cactus- I named it George (Yes, I am one …

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    Color Splash Time


    Splish Splash I was taking a bath! (Don’t get the song reference? Me either, my grandma used to sing me that song to me all the time)

    For this visual assignment, I was to take a picture of anything and isolate one object in the picture with a “splash” of …

  23. stelford2018

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Barbie Edition


    This is the first assignment I had to do (Amount: 3 Stars), it required me to show one of America’s sweethearts (Barbie) acting out one of the seven deadly sins- I chose Gluttony. The main reason, I enjoyed embarking on this assignment was because Barbie is portrayed as “perfect” in …

  24. stelford2018

    Reflection on Photo Safari


    I was a bit unoriginal with the location I chose for the Photo Safari- Home Sweet Home. I figured home would be the best place because I happen to have a lot of junk (or what my father fondly calls “oddities”). I’ll admit I love the concept of the assignment, …

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