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    ds106 radio bumper! (take 2)


    As part of my contribution to our radio show, I created a radio bumper!

    For my first bumper, I didn’t introduce myself; I made it more of an advertisement for the radio station in general. This time, I wanted to give it a more personal touch, since it might be …

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    Daily Creates of Week 7


    Hi there! Here’s my Daily Creates for Week 7. I’m amazed we’re already halfway through the semester!

    #tdc3346 #ds106 Here's a photo of Union Station's ceiling! I saw it when my friend (and fellow UMW student) Ruth and I took the train home for fall break in the fall semester …

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    Let’s Get This (Radio) Show on the Road!


    Yesterday, I met with my radio show group to kickstart our project! Our team is myself, Ari, Meghan, Conner, and Morgan. The general theme we picked was childhood & our college experiences.

    It was great meeting with them—since this class is online and asynchronous, I’ve barely met anyone over Zoom …

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    King of Jesters, and Jester of Kings!


    When I was much younger, my parents introduced me and my sister to the movie The Court Jester. For me, this 1955 classic was my first medieval/fairytale-themed rom-com movie I ever saw—The Princess Bride is the second one I can think of.

    One of the assignments I picked this week …

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    Week 6 Daily Creates


    Well, hello! Here’s this week’s Daily Creates that I participated in.

    #tdc3335 #ds106 My cats sometimes sleep in the weirdest positions! Shadow is the black and white one, and Stormy is the gray and white one. Stormy's resting his head against my leg, which he almost never does, and Shadow …

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    “Weapons of Mass Percussion” T-Shirt


    When I participated in Week 3’s Daily Creates, I didn’t expect to do anything with my creations later on. I had thought that I really liked my caution sign (“Caution: Weapons of Mass Percussion”), and it would be fun to have on a t-shirt or something.

    That’s why I decided …

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    Deep Thinking on Design


    Although I haven’t ever really thought about becoming a graphic designer, and I don’t think that’s what’s in store for me in the future, thinking about visual design and reading and watching this week’s assigned material was quite fascinating for me.

    The first couple things I checked out were the …

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    Daily Creates of Week Five


    Hi! Here’s this week’s Daily Creates.

    #ds106 #tdc331 This smoothie & scone are from Katora on UMW's campus. They're both delicious—I usually ask for the scone warmed up, so it's all toasty when I eat it. The smoothies are made with natural ingredients, so it doesn't taste too sugary. The …

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    A Very Avenger-y Bunch of Post-It Notes


    When you mix a favorite fandom with a love for world and character building, what do you get?

    A bit of daydreaming of domestic fluff that can result in creating grocery lists and post-it notes.

    I’m a fan of Marvel movies, and I find it fun to imagine what the …

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    Reflections on Photography + My Life (Part I)


    I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, but the art of taking photographs has always intrigued me.

    When I was 10 years old, my parents bought me a Canon Powershot ELPH 100 HS for my birthday.

    I remember being SO excited to have my own camera. At the time, we had …

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    Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof


    Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

    Because I’m happyyyyyyyyy

    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

    Because I’m happyyyyyyyyy

    Those are some of the lyrics to the song “Happy”, a well-known pop tune that came out in 2013. We all have certain …

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    A Jumbled Poem: Words from 2001


    2001. What went on that year?

    Well, I was born. The Ravens won their first Super Bowl ever. Those are a couple fairly important things, in my opinion.

    However, other than that, there were several words added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

    Let’s set the record straight: it was the year …

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