1. @SushiSupport

    Week 14 Summary and Class Reflection


    Tough week, tough semester, tough year. Its difficult for me to put my feelings into words, and I think that this tends to cause me more suffering so I am really gonna try and vocalize them this time. The final project for this class brought out a lot of feelings …

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    Week 13: Final Project Status Report


    For my final project I would like to do a combination visual and audio assignment. The premise of the project is basically to create portraits and accompanying music in order to tell a story without words. I plan to make a series of digital paintings and musical compositions and pairing …

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    Site Customization


    Well I finally got around to customizing my website. Only took me 3/4 of the semester. I think the thing that was most difficult for me when I was trying to decide what my site would look like was the idea that it was still for school. Although all of …

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    Audio Assignment: Make Your Own Mixtape


    This week, in preparation for our music based radio show, I prepared a mixtape which we will go further in depth on in the show itself. This playlist contains a number of songs that I listen to while taking part in one of the most important activities in my life: …

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    Weekly Summary 5


    I would say this week has been the toughest week thus far. I imagine that if this trend continues I wont be able to get through the semester, let alone the school year. If I had to guess I would say I’m behind in most of my classes, but more …

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    Audio Assignment: Chrome Labs


    This is another assignment that I thought would be fun for future generations of this class to participate in. There is a program available on the internet called chrome labs, which has a plethora of music based applications including beat makers and melody makers etc. For this assignment you will …

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    Audio Assignments:3’s A band


    I decided to make an audio assignment because I noticed there was a considerable lack of composition based audio assignments in the assignment bank. I certainly Plan on adding more audio assignments, and I’ll try to add tutorials for all of them.

    For this Audio Assignment you’ll use any composition …

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    Audio Assignment: Reverse It


    The Audio Assignment Reverse It Asks that you take a soundtrack form a musical and rearrange the tracks in order to create a whole new story. Many musicals begin and end in similar places musically, with the finale being a reprisal of some of the main beginning numbers of the …

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    Week 4 Summary


    Another hard week full of too many assignments to keep track of, but hey only 12 more weeks to go. I talked in one of my posts for this week about how life is just moving at 10000 miles an hour all the time with no breaks and sometimes I …

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    For this particular assignment, because I had been doing a lot of photography for the week I wanted to challenge myself to complete all the prompts with a single image ( I know this is probably against the rules but I did it anyway). So these were my prompts

    And …

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    Visual Assignment: 4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve


    As an artist, I’m always struggling to find inspiration to create, and when I do find inspiration I always want to do these 40 day project that are entirely unthinkable given my time and resources. We live in a time and a space where we literally can’t slow down, life …

  12. @SushiSupport

    Visual Assignment: Looking at Yourself


    My freshman year of UMW I was in design principals (Arts105) and we did a self portrait project where we took a black and white photo of ourselves and then turned it into a piece using two colors on the color wheel in different tones. I chose an image with …

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    Visual Assignment: Camp Poster


    I never had the chance to go to a summer camp as a kid. My parents worked pretty hard to shelter us from the dangers of the outside world. Now that I’m an adult myself I can understand that they were concerned for my safety and well being, especially being …

  14. @SushiSupport

    Visual Assignment: Poetry Art


    For this assignment I Wanted to use the Poem Parody I wrote last week as inspiration for the art I made this week. Really I just took an image of some lemon ricotta pancakes I made, then blurred the image behind my poem, and this is the finished result:

    This …

  15. @SushiSupport

    Photography Reflection


    Back in the day I was very into photography; I would usually take pictures of nature and the world around me, and whenever we went to special events like weddings, or graduations, I was always the designated photographer. However, as time went on, I began to associate photography with with …

  16. @SushiSupport

    Week 3 Summary


    This week was very very difficult. I did a lot of thinking about my past and my present and my future and I took inventory on my life as a whole. I’m not sure if I should be including all of this emotion and all of this information in these …

  17. @SushiSupport

    Poem Parody:Stopping by IHop on a Snowy Evening


    Whose Cakes these are? of sweetened dough.   
    His house is internationally known;   
    He will leave the ketchup here   
    and watch me fill my mouth with Potatoes.   

    My family must think it queer   
    To eat my pancakes with root beer 
    But If they’re serving it to me 
    I can’t be blamed …

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    Weekly Summary 2


    Welp, I think I can file this week under “happy accidents”. I made the decision to catch up on my week 1 assignments this week and In doing so missed out on a number of really cool assignments for week 2, which will probably impact my grade (but then I’m …

  19. @SushiSupport

    What Kind Of Artist?


    Since I was in the 9th grade I wanted to be an artist. I had been sketching for a few years but I mostly kept what I made to myself and I didn’t talk to anyone about it, but when I got to high school some friends helped me see …

  20. @SushiSupport

    Week 1 Summary


    I didn’t join this class until around this time last week so hadn’t done any work for the week so there wasn’t really anything to summarize. There wasn’t much work from other classes either, other than reading syllabuses and talking about what we wanted to get out of the courses …

  21. @SushiSupport

    Goals For DS106


    I didn’t sign up for this course to fulfill any graduation requirements. Actually I am trying to Graduate this year and since I am fully remote my course options were exceedingly limited. I took this class because there was an open seat and I need to take at least 18 …

  22. @SushiSupport

    The Joy of DS106


    As a long time fan of Bob Ross, I think there are many things his videos can teach us about how create, how we share our interests and how we live our lives. This particular video showcases many of Bob’s philosophies and truly demonstrates why he is still such a …

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    Hello world!


    This blog will be used for both digital story telling(DS106) and Intro to digital studies(DGST101) for the fall 2021 semester.…

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