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    Nap Time


    For this assignment, I created a commercial for the radio show my group is doing. I thought of what to advertise for probably a solid 5 minutes, and then I thought of what I really wanted right now…..which is a nap! Who wouldn’t want a nap!? And why not …

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    So wow, I haven’t made much progress on the radio show yet. I’ve been doing other papers and lab reports all week, and today is the only day I’m free to get this all done, and even today’s plan to do this all throughout the day at a normal time …

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    For this assignment which is 2 stars, I created an amber alert poster for A1 Dr. Oblivion on adobe photoshop. Everybody needs to help search for him! He is such an asset to the DS106 crew, and it’s been a rough few weeks without him taking care of us!

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    National Taco Day


    For this assignment that was 3 stars, I created a poster advertising national taco day at Carlos O’Kellys, which doesn’t actually do anything for taco day, so I was a little upset, so I made it happen. I used adobe photoshop to create it and used two text boxes.

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    Postcard of Limbo


    For this assignment that is 3 stars, I created a postcard from adobe photoshop of the Limbo area Solenya went to. Solenya is sending it to Tade as a maybe next adventure. Tade loves to do what his uncle does, so there is no doubt that he’ll explore!


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    Solenya in Limbo


    In this assignment which is 2 stars, I made Solenya travel to a crazy limbo state world because he was high off his supply, and wanted to travel to a place he’s never seen before. He’s definitely lost and might not be able to find his way back home for …

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    Is this getting harder??


    For this week, I definitely procrastinated fooor suuure. I did all my assignments all at once on THURSDAY which is so stupid because I didn’t know how to do literally anything audio wise. The daily creates are always the easiest for me because that’s on my phone and it takes …

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    Live tweeting


    So, listening to the DS106 radio…I don’t know what I think about it hahaha. The music is definitely Christian based and I’m not a religious person, so it’s not really my cup of tea. It wasn’t hard to listen to though. The music had good messages and was mostly upbeat …

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    Lets get bumpin!


    The radio bumper I created was after I listened to the station for a few hours. I couldn’t really get a theme, but I was vague in my welcome. Also, is this a Christian station?

    The radio show is cool, and the guy doing it seems pretty nice. It’s very …

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    Possible ideas for the radio show


    I honestly have noooo idea what to do for a radio show. I have never been interested in doing one, but I guess this is a way to really step out of my comfort zone. When I think of radio shows I think of gossip, and when I think of …

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    Ice Cream Truck!


    For my story using sound effects, I chose a kid swinging on a swing and he/she hears the ice cream truck coming, and they just go running. I chose that specific story because that is such a great memory for me as a kid. I lived in a small neighborhood, …

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    The sounds in stories


    Sound drives stories by creating even more imagery in someone’s mind that words may not do. Sounds help create scenes, and gives more of a 3-D sense to a story. In the video, how radio creates empathy Jab talks about how a radio host puts images into a listeners heads. …

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    My Week


    This week has been a doozy. My car broke down, and now I have to buy a new one all while trying to find out how in the hell I’m going to be getting to classes and work in the mean time! But for this class work, it wasn’t too …

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    Solenya’s Perfect Day


    I chose to do the assignment of my perfect day (3 1/2 stars) because I think it would be cool to plan out a full day of Solenya’s. I am just finding pictures from google to use.

    First Solenya wakes up

    He makes breakfast for himself, which is pretty hefty …

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    Room as Messy as My Life


    I chose to do the room assignment which is 3 stars. I took pictures of my room before I cleaned it, but I was in a cleaning mood this morning, so I straightened everything up for new pictures. I usually have trash and dirty clothes all over my floor and …

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    What In The Hecks?


    I chose to do the assignment of taking a picture of something easy and very recognizable (3 1/2 stars), but manipulating it so that people have no idea what it is. I believe I succeeded, but at the same time I think people might figure it out after looking at …

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    Solenya’s Mystical Bag


    I chose to do what’s in your bag assignment. Solenya is definitely a character, and you’ll really find out what type of person he is from this collage of what’s in his bag. I used google docs to create my collage and then I used the snipping tool to take …

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    20 Minutes! Time’s Up!


    This Photoblitz I completed all the pictures in under 20 minutes! I started at 19:14 and ended at 19:27. The close up photo I took of a quartz crystal my friend found a few days ago and gave me. The straight line was the edge of the refrigerator from the …

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    Still Stories


    For this post, I am finding pictures from movies and videos related to the theme of myth, legend, and folklore. I don’t believe I will be very great at finding these specific examples that match the “narration” of the image, but I will try.

    Moment: I chose a scene from …

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    What’s A Title Got To Do?


    What makes a good blog post title? I think it depends on the person honestly because I might think a title is funny and witty, but the next person might not get the joke or reference I’m trying to make.

    I personally enjoy song lyric titles when they fit with …

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    What A Week! Am I Right Ladies?!


    This week has been good. The assignments weren’t too much to handle and the readings weren’t long which made me very happy! The video that we were assigned to watch definitely made me laugh out loud foreal! the way the guy explained the story timeline was so great! And I …

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    Solenya, Full of Tragedy


    My character is, Solenya, a wizard that is a 165 year old drug officiant. He has lived a long life, but still has the heart of a one hundred year old wizard in his prime. Solenya dabbles in brewing potions, he steals from the apothecary in order to replenish his …

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