1. @swathisrikanth

    Take Me Back


    Take me back to a time when there was
    an Unfathomable Depth in Conversations,
    and an Inexplicable Meaning in Moments.

    Take me back to those lost souls
    who had a child-like Innocence in their Intentions,
    with a tinge of Realness in their Emotions.

    Take me back to the Sweet Smell …

  2. @swathisrikanth

    Economies of Love


    We often drain our wallets on enormous quantities of alcohol and junk food. The next day, when we fall sick or get a bad hangover, what do we attribute it to? Do we curse the dollar spent or the unhealthy alcohol and food consumed?

    Similarly, when a friend drifts apart …

  3. @swathisrikanth



    She could no longer remember how happiness felt like. Yet she just couldn’t close her eyes to the good old times when everything was seemingly “perfect”, flashing before her every now and then. Her mind gushed with a volcano of thoughts, trashing her heart into pieces that pricked her from …

  4. @swathisrikanth

    DAAG Acche Hain!


    The day could not get stormier. My head was pounding as I lived through the toughest minute of the longest day of my life. It all seemed as if the whole universe set out on a mission to conspire against me. The time froze at 3:59PM. Never did I find …

  5. @swathisrikanth

    The Invincible Flame


    Like a scintillating butterfly, bubbling with an effervescence of life, she stepped into his world.  And that’s when the magic began. The gloomy winter night soon flourished into a radiant spring morning, painting monochrome with resplendent colours of joy. His small shell centered around his dreams soon burgeoned into a …

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    As I browse through my priceless childhood album, everything appears as fresh as yesterday. Yet when I look back at those memories today, each of those moments seems infinitely distant. When did life take such a huge leap? What caused the leap? Where did those pictures in the photographs fade …

  7. @swathisrikanth



    It is one of those cold dry mornings that would readily incite one to hit the snooze button of the alarm clock and rest beneath the cozy comfortable blankets. But it is the same morning that this young man had been yearning, for over a decade now. The sun, along …

  8. @swathisrikanth



    “What if today happens to be the last day of my life?”

    “What if the world suddenly turns to a cul de sac?”

    “How high would my EQ be by the end of this day?”

    “What if my dreams were to remain as mere dreams?”

    Ever woke up with such …

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