1. @sylvanrobert1

    Response to Chapter 7: “Social learning”


    I argue that some topics, even those which are seemingly innocuous, are better suited to abstract discussions than large collaborative projects. In these cases, the educator can offer both sides of an argument and then encourage an open discussion of it, and perhaps, a later independent response.  To support my …

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    Digital Story Response No. 5: “Josef”


    In my search for a digital story for this week’s critique, I finally realized that digital storytelling has become an important outlet for people who feel the need to share their pain. I encountered so many tragic stories of violence, including war, child abuse, sexual assault, racism, neglect and more. …

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    Digital Story Response No. 4: “Nowhere Anyhow”


    This short digital story is artfully crafted and presents a girl’s history that must be told over, and over again until we finally hear it and correct the culture which permits it. A culture that all too often strips away a young female’s self-worth and any “hope” she has of …

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    A Color Red Podcast


    The following podcast was an assignment for my Producing Media for Learning Course and was: Record a 5-10 minute podcast on “a color,” not color, but “a color.”

    Well, that’s vague and abstract, and me, I’m not very artistic. When I think of this I’m a bit overwhelmed . A …

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    A Neighborhood Shortcut in Uijongbu-Shi, ROK


    I take this shortcut several times a day which is just a few steps from my door in Uijongbu-Shi, ROK. My wife suggested that it would make a nice nighttime shot, and I agree. I realized after shooting it that it was not the assigned Daily Create, as I had …

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    Digital Story Response No. 2: “My Iligan”


    My Response to the Digital Story “My Iligan”

    While searching for a digital story to critique for this week’s assignment I, fortunately, stumbled upon the prize-winning story “My Iligan” produced by Arkay Timonera of the Philippines. Timonera was awarded first prize in the 2009 My Iligan digital storytelling contest held …

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    Visual Assignment for Week 3: Room Tour


    My wife and I recently moved into this cozy little two bedroom apartment in Uijongbu-Shi, ROK. We arrived two weeks before the Fall 2016 semester commenced, so we furnished the space quickly. The computer and its monitor traveled with me as checked baggage. The day after our arrival we purchased …

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    My Response to the Digital Story “Ethnolinguistic Profile”


    I chose to critique the digital story “Ethnolinguistic Profile: Self-study of a Multilingual Person” as it was attached to the scholarly article that I responded to this week, which was “Digital Storytelling: Using Different Technologies for EFL.”  Christiansen and Koelzer (2016) included it as an example of a student-produced, compelling, …

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    Bike Shop in Uijongbu-Shi, Korea


    This bike shop is just a short walk from our apartment and I’ve noticed that it is a bit of a gathering place for some neighborhood gentlemen. There is a bike trail which snakes along a river that runs just past where the other fellow is seated. Convenient, as riders …

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    Family Portrait DC1, Daily Create #tdc1693


    My wife and I recently relocated to the Republic of Korea from the Big Island of Hawaii. I lived in Korea for most of the nineties but have not visited since we moved back to the U.S.A. in 1999. Therefore, I have not seen my nieces since 1999, when they …

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