1. tanyalau

    Emergent thinking in #xplrpln


    One of the most interesting things about participating in #xplrpln is observing how our current thinking evolves and new thinking emerges as a result of engaging with others’ ideas – either through reading and/or commenting on blogs, participating in a discussion forum, chat session, or reading and responding to tweets.…

  2. tanyalau

    Mental break: tdc650


    After a couple of weeks of intensely intellectually challenging PLN’ing with #xplrpln, I thought I might take a mental break with DS106 tdc650:

    Take a photo that shows a reflection.

    I look at TDCs daily but never really know whether I’ll do it or not until I ‘find’ inspiration. …

  3. tanyalau

    Another tdc: #613


    Second TDC in a week! It feels good to be doing them again, making time in my brain to look and think about how I might approach a creative challenge.  The two things I always keep in mind when doing them are:

    Come up with an idea, then dismiss it…
  4. tanyalau

    ‘Procrastinating’…with DS106 tdc611


    I have many many half started, half finished blog posts – possibly close to 10. I think it’s because I have a lot of ideas about what I’d like to write about, start, then never finish. Posts always seem so clear in my head, but when I get down to …

  5. tanyalau

    Towards sustainable eLearning development


    One of the challenges emerging within our centralised OD structure is how to sustainably support the needs of 5 diverse organisations with fewer resources than we previously had supporting just one.  The challenge exists across the range of OD services, but as the person responsible for eLearning, I’ve been pondering …

  6. tanyalau

    From L&D to OD


    I had a fairly minimal formal ‘induction’ into my current role, but one of the more interesting sessions I attended was about the rationale behind the creation of the Organisational Development (OD) structure – in particular, the move from a number of distributed and independent ‘Learning and Development’ or ‘Training …

  7. tanyalau

    New role, new goals


    When I first concieved of this post, I thought I might construct a list of tangible goals (something like: develop eLearning benchmarks, develop social and mobile learning strategies….) but I think now this could be rather limiting. The fact is, I don’t yet know the organisational environment well enough …

  8. tanyalau

    DS106 Daily Create 544


    I wasn’t planning to write about this (it’s not on the list!), but ah well, I wasn’t actually planning to do this Daily Create assignment either!

    I’ve just submitted it, so thought I might as well narrate it. This is the assignment:

    Write about something ugly — war, fear, …

  9. tanyalau

    Liberating the ideas


    I’ve got a bunch of ideas in my head which I don’t *quite* have the time to write out as blog posts. Although most of them are jotted down in Evernote…

    <–…the detail is still sitting in here.

    [Img adapted from cheerfulmonk Creative Commons License]

    So, living up to the …

  10. tanyalau

    On letting go to make time


    So I’ve been reflecting a bit on last week’s lrnchat on narrating / showing your work. This is a topic that was very timely for me, as I was setting up this blog and writing about this very thing last week. Although I wasn’t able to participate in real time, …

  11. tanyalau

    Becoming a DS106 #4lifer


    I first discovered DS106  open online digital storytelling course when researching ‘cMoocs’. I’d recently completed the Gamification (x)Mooc from Coursera and had a heightened interest in Moocs in general. I think I may have come across the term cMooc in a blog (can’t recall which one) and became curious about …

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