1. Torrence Grady

    Final Assessment


    This being the final blog post of the semester, I think it is appropriate to my progress in the EH 101 course for the spring semester. There is learning goals that each student should achieved while taking this course and each are fundamental to for any writer to improve. The …

  2. Torrence Grady

    A New Me!


     This being the last week of my Eh 101 course for the spring semester, I decided that for a final post, I would show the world how silly I could be. All of my posts have been quite serious, but today I chose to have even more fun completing assignments…
  3. Torrence Grady

    A Different Life!


    Hmm…, either I am too small, or something in this picture doesn’t belong; which is it? Am I trying on clothes, or am I purchasing food? In person, I stand 6’1″, yet I am the smallest person in this photo, that’s odd.

    Well for this weeks DS 106 assignment, I …

  4. Torrence Grady

    The Transformation


    In high school I was not a great student, I’m in no way implying that I am now, but my high school years were filled with lost potential and underachievement. I always knew I could do better though, and I knew that taking my high school courses more seriously is …

  5. Torrence Grady

    Blog Post 9


    I decided to title this blog post by its file name, blog post 9, in an effort to express my appreciation for these types of writing assignments. Instead of our class instructor, Tanya Sasser, having the entire class write weekly essays, she allows us to express ourselves freely with blog …

  6. Torrence Grady

    To Study, Or Not to Study?


    From the title of this blog post it’s pretty easy to conclude that studying is the topic. Also, with the
    title being the question that it is, it’s pretty obvious that I am really not a fan of studying. Honestly I am not! I really need to improve these habits …

  7. Torrence Grady

    Practice to Perform!


    In my last blog post I addressed how to better ones writing. I gave tips on how to become a stronger writer and how to independently improve one’s writing style. I mentioned several times throughout that blog post, that in order to become a better writer, one must write a …

  8. Torrence Grady

    Try Very Hard!


    Writing isn’t something that come naturally to everyone, yet it’s like playing sport, you practice to improve. Any author would tell an aspiring writer to read a lot and write a lot; writing is something that needs to be practiced. I think that I’m a decent writer. I write poetry, …

  9. Torrence Grady

    Know Yourself!


    Living changes people. As a matter of fact, life changes while living. People who are now old were young once, and there are numerous accounts of the rich and powerful losing all the money they may have accumulated through their work. I said that to say- while being alive, many …

  10. Torrence Grady

    Blogs vs. Term Papers


    After reading the New York Times article, Blog vs. Term Papers, I completely agree with Cathy N. Davidson, an English professor at Duke, and believe that the term paper should be eradicated. The term paper can be very stressful to students. I also concur with the argument established in the …

  11. Torrence Grady

    Complete the Task!


    What I have realized through many years of schooling, is that- a task must be completed! Class assignments are not given randomly to occupy a students time, or even waste it; but to instruct. When I was younger I would reason that if I skipped an assignment, it is acceptable …

  12. Torrence Grady

    "How to Write with Style" – Kurt Vonnegut


    In this article several topics of  how not-to-write were outlined; although I have reached perfection with a number of my literary works, there are always areas to improve. In fact, after reading Mr. Vonnegut’s article, I was able to realize a specific area in writing that I could ameliorate personally. Kurt …

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