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    Final Reflection on Digital Storytelling


    Over the past several weeks I have surveyed learning theories and artifacts regarding digital storytelling. Through social collaboration with classmates and colleagues, I have found a richer meaning in what digital storytelling can do for me and my audiences. The written reflection below speaks to my experiences and discoveries in …

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    INTE 5340 – Week 7 Reflection


    The assignments this week were short yet refreshing – mostly a result of several assignments being cut. Nonetheless, still a solid week for DS106.

    After several hours of digging in the DS106 AB catalog I found a visual assignment that I felt could truly represent the emotional roller coaster of …

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    INTE 5340 – Week 6 Reflection


    This weeks reading assignment really hit home for me. Our team has been tasked this year to not only create a blended approach to our curriculum, but also consider alternative approaches of learner engagement and accountability – specifically shifting from ‘push’ to ‘pull’. More often than not our frontline staff …

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    DS106AB – 9 Lives


    For this weeks DS106AB assignment I decided to create a Visual Assignment that could play into my focal theme: change. After perusing through the assignment catalog I found one that was simple yet supported my goal. The 9 Lives assignment requirements were to:

    find nine photos of yourself in different …

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    Social Learning as a New Literacy


    Within Learning & Development, we continue to find effective and innovative ways of transferring knowledge to our adult learners so they can be productive within their lines of business. We generally use traditional methods of training – leader-led classroom style, shoving content down the learners throat – hoping the information …

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    Daily Create – Magical Light


    Today’s Daily Create assignment was to “take a photo that shows us magical light”. I chose to use a photo I took at Disneyland during their “Paint the Night” parade. What’s more “magical” than watching your favorite Pixar characters come to life in a bright, colorful way?

    If you’d like …

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    INTE 5340 – Week 5 Reflection


    How well did I complete the requirements of the weekly assignments?

    This week was both challenging and exciting. Reading two chapters instead of one took more time than I had hoped. Although the requirements were to respond to only one chapter, it was unclear whether we still had to read …

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    Are we a ‘Group’ or a ‘Network’??


    Digital technologies have made it much easier these days to connect and stay connected with individuals and/or groups of similar interests and goals. In Chapter 6 of their book, Lankshear and Knobel discuss concepts and applications that help perpetuate the ongoing acquisition of social networks.

    Many of us have belong …

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    DS106AB – Mashup


    This weeks DS106AB assignment was a ‘mashup’ assignment. In support of my focal theme (change management) I chose to complete the A Changing Character mashup assignment. The requirements for this assignment:

    …pick any chacter and follow thier progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show …

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    Mario Theme Song – Dubstep Remix


    In last weeks post – 99 Problems – I reviewed and critiqued a Political Remix using the “Literacy Dimensions” described by Lankshear and Knobel in the Chapter 4 appendix (p. 127-140). This week I continue my evaluation of these dimensions but with greater focus on the remixing of music, specifically …

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    INTE 5340 – Week 4 Reflection


    How well did I complete the requirements of the weekly assignments?

    Although I did not feel as engaged on social media as I was last week, I enjoyed the individual assignments. The ‘design’ assignment was challenging but fun. I was not happy with one of my Daily Create assignments so …

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    Jason Dunbar 2015-07-02 01:17:33


    When I think of “remix” I think of old school DJ’s (disc jockey) at my eight grade school dance. However, after consuming Chapter 4 of Lankshear & Knobels’s New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning, I discovered a deeper understanding of remixing and how this practice redefines and/or redevelop our …

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    DS106AB – Newspaper Design


    This weeks DS106AB assignments was a design assignment. I decided to create a Newspaper Design to illustrate a hot topic I am currently contemplating – pursing a job opportunity elsewhere. The instructions were to:

    Design a newspaper. Using word, photoshop, or whatever make a fictional newspaper, and put together the …

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    INTE 5340 – Week 3 Reflection


    How well did I complete the requirements of the weekly assignments?

    I thought this was one of my better weeks. I felt more engaged with the content and my classmates via social media. I did feel more rushed this week to complete my assignments than last week – mostly due …

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    Daily Create – Silence


    Today’s Daily Create assignment offered only one word: silence. As a parent you appreciate the moments of silence as they don’t last long. As a parent of a newborn, however, the silence can torment you.

    Here is my attempt of a poetic response to the assignment. I dedicate this to …

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    Out with the Old, In with the “Old New”??



    Right out of the gates, Lankshear and Knobel offer the notion that “new literacies” are constantly evolving. The authors describe this evolution as a state of transcendence where “elements of an earlier state of affairs are carried over and reshaped to become parts of new configurations” (p. 52). So …

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    DS106AB – Change is Life


    This weeks DS106 assignment was a video assignment. I decided to create a Compilation Video depicting some core elements of my focal theme – Change. To illustrate this I chose different elements of the weather that reflect how we, too, encounter change – some elements (changes) can be more powerful …

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