1. thelaceman

    Candy Pyramid


    So for today we were supposed to be making 3D candy sculpture things, so in the spirit of Halloween I made a candy pyramid. Hopefully everyone can tell what it is.

  2. thelaceman

    More about The Matrix


    The Matrix is a film that came out in 1999, starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. The movie won four Grammys. I looked more through Imdb.com and found out some interesting facts about the movie. In the scene that I watched in my last blog post the Construct, there was …

  3. thelaceman

    Look, listen and analyze the Matrix


    I decided to follow the construct scene of the Matrix. It was an interesting scene with a lot going on, meaning there was also a lot to analyze.


    I started out by looking/watching the scene. I turned the volume all the way so I could pay attention specifically to …

  4. thelaceman

    DSMW Radio


    The radio show that I listened to was DSMW Radio on ds106 radio. They group of JT, Justin and Katie discussed current events. This was nice for nice for me since I generally do not keep up with current events besides sports. I liked that they kind of made …

  5. thelaceman

    What could it be?


    For today’s daily create I had to take a photo with the blinds closed and the lights off, I waited until late afternoon hoping it would help make it darker in my room. I would say it worked. You probably won’t know what this unless you watch hockey but here …

  6. thelaceman

    A snowy Redone Wonderland of Pokemon


    The goal here is to combine the 3 daily creates I did this week into one story. It should be interesting since none of my daily creates were even slightly related but bear with me here as I give this a try. First I’ll show my 3 daily creates and …

  7. thelaceman



    Lacepool is a bad ass super hero who rocks the world of DS106 and doesn’t put up with anyone’s nonsense. He always does a kick ass job in DS106 whether it is audio, visual or web assignments it doesn’t matter. He’s a mercenary of this world just trying to earn …

  8. thelaceman

    Red Sox make the World Series again!


    The Red Sox had a slow start this year but really were able to turn it around. They overcame a rough season, trading away players, and injury to make it to the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. It was definitely a rough year but it is exciting to …

  9. thelaceman

    My Free Redo


    I wouldn’t want to change anything in my life too drastically but read about what I decided to change in my past in Free Redo. Hopefully some of you can relate!!…

  10. thelaceman

    Thirty Pokemon Circles


    I am not the greatest artist but for today’s daily create of thirty circles I decided to doodle some pokemon and pokemon related stuff. Hopefully everyone gets a kick out of it!


  11. thelaceman

    Season’s Greetings!


    Its not even Halloween yet but here we are making Winter art. In the spirit of winter though I decided to hone in on my inner little kid and make a bad ass paper snowflake the way we used to in elementary school. So glad I still remembered how to! …

  12. thelaceman

    Charlie Chaplin and the Foley Sounds


    One of the assignments that I had to do for this week was to make Foley sounds for a silent movie. The movie that I had to do was Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus. Fortunately I was not required to do Foley sounds for the whole video because that would be …

  13. thelaceman

    Picante Radio Commercial


    I wanted to get people hyped up for my radio segment so I decided that it would be cool to make a commercial that related to Halo 3 which is what I will be talking about. The commercial will you give a pretty good idea of what I am going …

  14. thelaceman

    The Dark Knight in the distance


    I woke up this morning and decided to grab some lunch. On my way out of the dorm I looked out the window and to my surprise I saw someone standing on the balcony in the distance. I’m pretty sure it was Batman…

  15. thelaceman

    Picante Radio Bumper


    I made a radio bumper for the upcoming Picante Radio Broadcast and I am pretty satisfied with how it came out sounding.

    What I did was record the song Bailando (spanish version) by Enrique Iglesias. What I did from there was record from text to speech a voice saying Picante …

  16. thelaceman

    Got a quiz for ya


    I decided that it would be a fun idea to try out the reverse audio quiz as one of audio assignments. The assignment is worth 2.5 stars. For this assignment what I had to do was first record the song that I wanted from spotify into audacity. Before actually recording …

  17. thelaceman

    My Special Day


    Today I have to finish up the rest of the work I have before classes start up tomorrow but tonight I will reward myself by playing the newest Lord of the Rings game Shadow of Mordor. It will definitely help to keep motivated to get through all my reading.

  18. thelaceman

    Team Effort


    For the group each of us designed a proposed logo, I believe we are using Thomas’s logo but my idea is down below Picante Radio.


    What our group is doing is an idea proposed by Daniel that each of us has our own segment where we describe where we …

  19. thelaceman

    Buzzfeed Listicle


    I have spent fall break on campus and it can be dull when others aren’t around, luckily I know enough people who stayed to keep from being bored but my inspiration for these buzzfeed articles basically was how to avoid boredom. Everyone enjoy!…

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