1. thelaceman

    Big Bad Guinea


    Any time I think of evil Guinea pigs it reminds of me that south park episode where the Guinea Pigs were just wrecking the town so I made this daily create with that in mind.

  2. thelaceman



    My friends and I always joke around saying that we should make a band and an album. So when I saw the assignment Your Big Break I decided that it would be cool to make that a reality. This was a three star assignment.

    Breaking news! Long awaited debut album …

  3. thelaceman

    It’s Time


    While looking through all the design I was having a hard time of thinking which assignment I should try next. I ended up finding the Scene Poster assignment worth 3.5 stars. I decided to make a poster for another one of my favorite shows Regular Show. I think that I …

  4. thelaceman

    The Great Design Safari


    The design safari set out to have me looking for different types of photography opportunities. I was able to utilize some of the skills that I learned last week about photography and apply them to this week where I was trying to find ten different concepts about design. There was …

  5. thelaceman

    How I feel today


    I woke up this morning the day after OktoberFest and did not have a hangover or any of that nonsense associated with drinking. However when I went to go look in the mirror I did notice that one of my eyes was open significantly more than the other one. Then …

  6. thelaceman

    Minimalist Aqua Teen Poster


    For the Minimalist TV Poster assignment I decided to make a minimalist poster of one of my favorite tv shows, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (also known by several other names if you know the show). To truly capture the show I needed to include the whole gang in one minimalist …

  7. thelaceman

    Sunday Sunday Sunday!


    The final Visual Assignment I decided to tackle was the Common Everyday Object. I thought this would be a cool one to do since there are plenty of everyday objects around my dorm room that I use on a regular basis. Since I happened to watching some football while …

  8. thelaceman

    Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais


    There is an epic new band with a wacky name known as Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais. Their music has been sweeping the nation and have quickly gone gold. If you guys couldn’t tell I decided to make the album cover. This assignment was very fun since I listen to …

  9. thelaceman

    Coke Apophenia


    So today while eating lunch I was drinking a can of coke. I was struggling to think of ideas for the visual assignments for this week. Then I looked at the required visual assignment for the week, Apophenia and decided that my coke can should be utilized in the assignment. …

  10. thelaceman

    Just Pimping


    Once I found we were making sets I decided that I was going to make two separate sets. One was going to be for my best pictures from ds106 so far and the other was going to be for something that I am excited for and is coming out very …

  11. thelaceman

    The photo blitz


    The photo blitz was a difficult but interesting experience. It put the pressure on my to come up with interesting and creative photos as quickly as I could. Twenty minutes did not seem like a very long time but I found myself taking photos and trying to be imaginative.

    I …

  12. thelaceman

    Boston’s Alternative 92.9


    I am from Massachusetts so on my way to work I would typically listen to Boston’s alternative radio station 92.9. Today when I tuned in they happened to be playing a song that I enjoy by the Foo Fighters- My Hero. Hope everyone enjoys!…

  13. thelaceman

    Calling all Skeletons


    I made this image to represent a song by Alkaline Trio called Calling all Skeletons. Hope everybody enjoys Grim also, gotta love that Jamaican Grim Reaper.…

  14. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary Cuatro (9/21)


    This week was a huge learning experience for me. I learned about audio and radio. I started out the week by listening to Ira Glass, whom I found to be motivational for me. He taught me about the building blocks for a good story, and also described how hard it …

  15. thelaceman



    This week we had to listen to DS106Radio. I found the whole experience somewhat confusing. Looking at the status page still made it unclear who was actually the host and also I was not sure when the show was live or not. I tuned in on two separate occasions.…

  16. thelaceman

    The Daily Creates


    I started out the week having to meet strangers which was an awkward experience. Asking people for pictures was strange but I had a group who let me sit at their table and take a picture of them just enjoying lunch.

    Next I had to describe how I was feeling …

  17. thelaceman

    Eliza, Cleverbot, Furby, and Bima48


    My title for this post might seem strange to those of you who did not decide to listen to the radio program that I did, but if you did not give it a listen I highly recommend it because it had a lot of really interested topics. I decided to …

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