1. thelaceman

    A learning experience


    Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad had to a lot to say in a short amount of time. Ira Glass starts about describing the building blocks of audio which are anecdotes and moment of reflection. Anecdotes are used to make boring stories more interesting. Also they can are meant to constantly …

  2. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary Tres (9/14)


    This week was another interesting week in DS106. It was more about the process of how to tell a digital story. There were some parts where I struggled such as writing a poem, or even the daily create where we had to make an equation represented in images. A friend …

  3. thelaceman

    Pokemon Power


    Sandslash used dig

    Zebstrika used volt tackle

    Salamence used dragonbreath

    Suddenly Ash realized,

    Strong pokemon await

  4. thelaceman

    A New Hope in Vonnegut terms


    I am a big fan of the Star Wars movies so what better movie to explain than the first Star Wars movie ever. The Star Wars movies can be a little complicated for people who have never seen them so bear with me and I will try to make this …

  5. thelaceman

    Digital Storytelling Hypothesis


    Storytelling. What does that mean to me? I think of plays written by Shakespeare, I think of Romeo and Juliet or Othello. When I heard the word storytelling it brings images to my mind of classic epics by Homer such as the Illiad and the Odyssey. Storytelling does not necessarily …

  6. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary Duece (9/7)


    This week was an interesting week for ds106. I would definitely say that I have learned a lot of new things and have applied them to my blog already.

    I started off the week saying wow that is going to be a hefty workload but I began tackling it by …

  7. thelaceman

    Michael Wesch: Knowledge-able


    Michael Wesch says that students learn differently today so he has created a new approach to teaching. He has students do many different projects that involve team building, exponential learning and utilize forms of media. The students tend to enjoy doing the projects and learn about anthropology at the same …

  8. thelaceman

    ds106zone The LoDown


    First and foremost it is worth noting that Scott Lo has that perfect radio voice. He definitely is easy to listen to. It was nice to see that he was a little bit lost like I was coming into this class so it was cool to be able to relate …

  9. thelaceman

    Laceman’s zesty map


    This is how the internet would appear for me as a map. Sorry I am not the greatest artist but I gave this one my best effort hope everyone enjoys!

  10. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary (8/31)


    This week was a learning process for me all across the board. I am new to pretty much every site that I’m using. I started out by making twitter. People had been telling me to make one for a while so I had this coming. It was pretty simple to …

  11. thelaceman

    Laceman’s video intro and more


    Hey everybody its Ryan Lacey or the Laceman here. I wanted to introduce you to my new forms of social media. I previously only had a facebook and tumblr so using some of these sites is new to me. I have never recorded a video for youtube before besides random …

  12. thelaceman

    My first (official) blog


    I am nervous and excited to have my first official blog and domain name, as well as for things to come in professor Polack’s class. I am ready to learn how to maintain and run my domain!…

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