1. tiamay

    Minimal movement gif



    For this DS106 assignment it asked for as minimal movement as possible in a gif. So after a while of searching for a good scene to use my boyfriend linked me to a great scene in the show Suits. There is 2 layers here, the top layer is a …

  2. tiamay

    Jareth – Magic Trading Card


    For another DS106 assignment I chose to make a movie trading card. I wanted to remix not only the movie but an iconic trading card template from the famous card game, Magic the Gathering. Here it is, I hope everyone likes it! I had a lot of fun with this …

  3. tiamay

    Legend.GIF Edition!!!


    For a DS106 assignment I chose to summarize a movie in 10 gifs or less. I chose the wonderful film Legend, starring TOM CRUISE and UNICORNS! If you have not seen the movie it basically is about a princess named Lily and a forest boy named Jack. Together they are …

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