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    Weekly Summary 6


    I cannot believe it is week six already. So far, I have learned one basic thing; this class is quite intriguing. Not only am I learning about different forms of media (audio, visual, design, etc.) but also the west. It’s interesting how the class combines both to allow me to …

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    Reflection of Western


    This assignment called for us to reflect on The Vignelli Canon and DesignBlitz, that we worked on earlier and to answer what themes or trends we saw in the design of Western. After going through the links provided for the assignment, I noticed how each artist had one thing that …

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    For the DesignBlitz assignment, I chose to work on color, typography, balance, and proportion. I did this by choosing what concepts I wanted to focus on, and then looked for different things to represent the concepts. This is what I got.

    I toke a picture of my mom’s flowers from …

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    Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon


    Before reading The Vignelli Canon, there were many aspects to graphic design that I did not think about. For example, Vignelli states that there are three aspects in design that stood out to him. These three were semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics. As I read, I found myself taking notes because …

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    Have You Seen ChiChi?


    I created this assignment through computer applications paint and PicMonkey. I used a picture of my dog, ChiChi, that I already had, and then added text to the image through PicMonkey. For the white background (layout), I used paint to create the dimensions I wanted for the poster.  This was …

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    Dracula, The 2016 Edition


    As a lover of books, I was at awe when I saw I could recreate the cover of one of my favorite classics. I have the Barnes & Nobel’s hardcover edition of Dracula, by Bram Stoker, and I was absolutely love the way they designed the cover.

    For this edition, …

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    You’re Invited!


    For the 10-star-worth design assignments, I decided to do create my own wedding invitation. I used the computer applications paint and PicMonkey to do so. I created a pink-salmon color layout on paint, then transferred it to PicMonkey, where I added a “wedding style” banner and text. It was a …

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    Daily Creates for the Week of 2/12 to 2/19


    This week’s daily creates included throwbacks, digital designs, and a picture of a road. I created my daily creates through different applications.

    For the first daily create, I looked up a road sign on Google images and then added text to the picture through a phone application called Line Camera. …

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    “Deacon Jim” is the WEST’s MOST WANTED


    For this weeks mandatory design assignment, I decided to create a wanted poster. I went about doing so by first exploring all the options I had. I then used the provided link on the assignment description to find an outlaw that I found interesting. I had a hard time choosing …

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    The Audio to the Story


    A few weeks ago I created a story around Riza, the Western character created for assignment, and this week I decided to add the audio which would accompany the story. You can read the full story below, or read this quick description for a recap. Riza’s dinner with her husband, …

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    Not the song by The Beatles, but a short skit I created. In this skit, a young girl is fearful of her consequences and what her mother will do when she finds out, thus she calls 911. I completed this skit by recording two different voices (myself and a friend) …

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    Weekly Summary 5


    WOW. I sure am glad this week is finally over. It was pretty hectic. From balancing work, class, and trying to fit the gym in between. This week has been pretty crazy, and all over the place. The thing I learned most this week is patience. I was a little …

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    Best of the Week


    This week, I had the special assignment to work with others and chose our top five favorite assignments. I chose the assignment “Clang Crackle Crack,” created by cgual. At first hearing this, I was, honestly, envious. I know this sounds bad, but it is because she produced a story through …

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    You’re Listening


    You’re listening to the best radio in town, DS106 Radio.

    I took audio files from Free Sound to create this 17 second long radio bumper. I also created a computerized voice which would announce the name of the station. I did this to accompany the theme of the song I …

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    Adam Driver. I Have a Message for You.


    So this week I decided to do the Celebrity Speed Dating assignment where we have thirty seconds to talk to a celebrity of our choice and tell them anything we want. I chose Adam Driver, commonly known as Kylo Ren, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    It might sound a …

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    Daily Creates for Week of 2/5 to 2/12


    I started off the week by participating in creating my invention. I found this one the most interesting that I have completed thus far. At first I was a little curious to what I could invent if I had the power to do so, but then I decided on creating …

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    Welcome to the Radio Show of the West


    I was first inclined to write out an entire skit for this Western radio show, but I then had the idea to come up with different segments that could be featured on the show.

    First off, it would be cool to see present radio segments become accommodating to the West. …

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    Intensifying the Image


    When watching movies, we don’t tend to think of sound as a method to tell a story, yet it contributes deeply to the whole story. We tend to think of the actor’s skilled voice and how it has an impact on the story. We criticize the actor and director, when …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    Thinking back to the beginning of the week, I looked at the assignments and thought that the assignments for this week were going to be fairly easy, and they somewhat were, but boy was I wrong about it being a little bit of assignments. I just pulled up all of …

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    Where I Prove my Non-Existent Photo and Art Skills


    I really had fun doing this assignment. These were the tasks I was assigned:

    Below I have posted the images beginning with my most prized possession and working down the list.

    Yes, books. My most prized possession(s). Why? I love stories. I love creating them, telling them, and of course, …

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    When I Watch Videos…


    I don’t think much of it. I simply watch the video, but this assignment got me thinking. It really made me appreciate HD and color quality, versus standard black and white. I focused on the film, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, on Netflix. I chose this because, 1. I …

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    ChiChi the Dog


    As I mentioned in one of my first posts, ChiChi has her own Facebook page, because yes I am that obsessed with her. Just kidding! I created the Facebook page for ChiChi so that I can have an online database for things all ChiChi related. Why? Because I kinda wanted …

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    Feliz Cumpleanos


    YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I did the Spanish title again, because come on, this photo is full of Hispanics a.k.a my extended family. Like the previous assignment, I had to dig through my mom’s pictures on Facebook to find this photo. I then looked up transparent copies of a birthday hat …

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    The Tueros Familia


    This is what I guess you could say is “my” family if you consider the people related by blood who live in the same house with me. Now many of you may be wondering why I put my in quotation marks well because to me, family doesn’t mean you have …

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    What is Photography to Me?


    I went through a phase in middle school, as I am sure many of us do, where I thought I was a professional photographer and I hoped to one day study photography. But as usual, that dream quickly faded when I learned there was more to photography then just taking …

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    Dingo Found It


    Riza and Tate are sitting in their dinning room, enjoying mashed potatoes with a side of broccoli when all of a sudden, Dingo, their German Shepard mix, accidentally turns around, and with a whip of his tail knocks over their photo box. Riza and Tate look at each other and …

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    Riza’s Purse


    Remember Riza from last week? Well she’s back! And this time she wants to share with you what is in her purse. These are her essentials to get her through the day.

    For those of you who don’t recall meeting Riza, you can click here to find out what she …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    This week I learned more about the Western theme. I enjoyed reading the required readings and creating assignments. I especially focused on language this week while doing the readings and responded to it here:

    Language in the West

    I even included “Western” in a couple of my daily creates! You …

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