1. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #2


    Star Rating: 5 stars

    This assignment I ran into some trouble. The sad part is, it wasn’t even over this assignment. I originally intended to do another assignment, which requires you to make a barcode out of up to 9999 images. I downloaded the required software and was immediately confused. …

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    Assignment Bank #1


    Stars: 3 1/2

    This assignment was to show the love for your pet. To do this, you make a collage of funny or cute pictures of your loved animal and that’s it!

    I saw this assignment and wanted to do it immediately. I lost my family cat, Harley, during the …

  3. @tiffmooree

    The Greatest Showman Told in GIFS


    I recently watched this movie and was absolutely blown away by how amazing it was. The music, scenery, and acting was phenomenal. I normally am not a fan of movies of this sort, but I heard it was one to see. So, one day my mom and I were in …

  4. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 2/1/19


    This week seemed like it was draining, but it was all because I got all of the work done in a shorter amount of time. Finally being comfortable with the format and processes of this class, I am able to now get my work done as soon as possible. I …

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    The New Generation of Spies


    Kingsmen is a fast-paced, high technology, and modern take on the spy central idea. In a short synopsis, it follows a young boy who goes by Eggsy. Eggsy’s father was a spy, and into his teenage years he is pulled from his reckless lifestyle to undergo spy training. He ultimately …

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    I’m a Real Boy Assignment Bank


    Special Agent 013

    I immediately realize something isn’t right. I shudder as pain fills my entire body. It aches like a fresh bruise being touched by a middle school crush. Something isn’t right. I try to move my left arm, its stuck. I try to move any limb in my …

  7. @tiffmooree

    Bucket List


    For this assignment I had to make a bucket list of five things:

    -Buy tickets for a random flight.

    Believe it or not, I have never been on an airplane. I do not even have a passport. Flying is something that I’ve always wanted to do. My father talks about …

  8. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 1/25/19


    This week had a significantly more amount of work than last week. With this said, however, it didn’t have me sobbing in stress. I first started out by reading how to make proper blog posts, and throughout the week I checked in with a few blogs to see how their …

  9. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #3


    My last and final assignment bank was probably the most fun, and also the one that made me want to rip my hair out the most. You would think that Google Draw wouldn’t cause any stress, but trust me, Google isn’t very smart. I saw this assignment, and it looked …

  10. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #2


    My second assignment bank was a little unusual for me. I chose to make a gif where sports players celebrated too early. I don’t tend to watch sports, and I have adamantly tried to enjoy them. This calls for Sunday’s to be my least favorite day’s. My boyfriend, on the …

  11. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #1


    The first assignment I completed from the assignment bank was to write a haiku about a folklore, myth, or legend. I used this to relate back to our course theme, spies. In society, there is the legend that spies always hide their identity. For example, James Bond has the codename …

  12. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 1/18/19


    This week I learned how to create a website. I already knew how to create all of the different accounts needed for this class, such as Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, and a Google account. I thought creating a website would be a lot easier than it was. I recently have used …

  13. @tiffmooree

    Secret Agent 106


    I think the Secret Agent 106 theme is a great way to bring everyone together as a class. Online classes offer a certain disadvantage of not being able to connect face to face with the professor or the students, and the theme creates a sense of bringing everyone together under …

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