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  1. timmmmyboy

    ? Sorting Hat

    The Messing with MacGuffin asks you to choose a pivotal point in a movie and alter the plot with a single line. It turns out to be a hell of a lot of fun!
  2. timmmmyboy

    Be Our Guest

    This scene/song has tons of repetition, probably easier for animators to work with the scenes. I swear I’m going to stop for the day. I can quit anytime, I don’t need help. Really.
  3. timmmmyboy


    Ok, this one started off at 11MB, I pared it down to 3, and then did layer masking to cut it in half again. 1.6MB isn’t exactly small, but it’s worth it for Falkor nodding in approval.
  4. timmmmyboy

    November, 2019

    Finally started playing around with masking in Gimp (did anyone do a tutorial on this? I searched and didn’t find one). Really this scene from the opening of Blade Runner didn’t need much masking but I’m a perfectionist to a fault and wanted it damn near perfect. Also, 492kb! Stoked about that. A few technical ...
  5. timmmmyboy

    Let the Summer of Oblivion Begin

    Readers of my blog are no strangers to the great joy I get from the madness that is ds106. It’s time to fire it up again (did it ever stop?!). The Summer of Oblivion begins June 20th and as an opening salvo I’ve created my animated gif. David Bowie, Tights, that’s right, this shit just ...
  6. timmmmyboy

    Mutatis mutandis

    Today I accepted a position as an Instructional Technology Specialist at the University of Mary Washington’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. It’s almost impossible for me to convey the emotion behind that first sentence, because in many ways this is literally a dream, years in the making, coming true for me. I will join ...
  7. timmmmyboy

    The Big Hip Hop Tutorial

    One of my recommendations in the ds106 Toolbox for folks who can’t afford Photoshop (and don’t really need to) is a website called Aviary. Although I refer to it in terms of a photo editor, their suite of tools really does a whole lot more including vector editing and even an audio editor. I’ve decided ...
  8. timmmmyboy

    The ds106 Toolbox

    Looking back on the large amount of work created during the ds106 course and thinking about the reflective advice given by myself and others, it occurred to me that along the way a lot of us have blogged our process as well as the final results. Information like that is invaluable to incoming students and ...
  9. timmmmyboy

    To Future ds106ers

    I’ve thought long and hard about what I could say to convey why this class is important. Why it is simultaneously the greatest and most meaningful course you can complete, and at the same time the most grueling. There’s a lot of great advice out there already for you to read. So I’m just going ...
  10. timmmmyboy

    Possibilities for DS106TV

    After just a few weeks of the TV experiment going live there has been a whole lot of experimentation and it’s generally becoming a fun playground to explore what’s possible with a medium like this. The karaoke night action was fun (and possibly painful for the audience). The joint movie watching via Skype ala Mystery ...
  11. timmmmyboy

    When a Course becomes a Community

    I remember clearly the first online community I was a part of. In late 2003, just a few weeks after it had been built, I joined Monkeyfilter. Monkeyfilter was a spinoff of Metafilter which was closed to new membership at the time. I had been following Metafilter for a few months prior and when I ...
  12. timmmmyboy

    Karaoke Friday on ds106TV

    As is quickly becoming tradition (at least for Jim Groom and I), I decided to broadcast some karaoke tunes to ds106 on Friday. The idea of livestreaming and setting up a TV station for ds106 has been back on my mind a lot recently in light of the video assignments. You’ll recall perhaps that I ...
  13. timmmmyboy

    When In Rome: A Street View Story

    I had been playing around with the idea of using a combination of Google Street View and sound effects from the project for awhile now. Today’s news that Google now has Street View inside of famous landmarks is all the prodding I needed to start playing. My recommendation is to wear headphones and watch ...
  14. timmmmyboy

    Video Essay

    My wife always laughs at me when My Girl comes on TV. Yes, I am a man, and yes I cry at this sappy movie. I can’t help it. To me there is something powerful about the way they frame a story of a girl that can’t understand death until her best friend dies. Anyway, ...
  15. timmmmyboy

    Broadcasting on ds106 Radio

    The combination of a few late nights with the wife and kid out of town and our newly installed high-speed internet connection have meant the ability for me to do more interaction with ds106 by way of broadcasting on the radio waves. I never would have expected such an ancient technology like radio to have ...
  16. timmmmyboy

    Therapy with Firebug

    Martha Burtis posts an excellent assignment involving the use of a Firefox extension called Firebug to edit the contents of a website to create an interesting story. This is just genius, so much easier than photoshopping a site. I wanted to do something meaningful with it, mostly because the temptation is there to do something ...

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